Black Tricks White Treats (1999) - Rob Steel, Bruce Hill, Flex Gamble, etc

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DescriptionSomewhat hard to find and very appropriate this time of year - this flick features some of the biggest black dicks anywhere - stretching out equally impressive voluptuous white bubble butts..  Bruce Hill's body (and BUTT!) never looked better - ditto Rob Steel.  Some of the biggest cocks ever filmed are also attached to gorgeous muscular black men.  A must see!

Just in time for Halloween comes this interracial romp from director Peter Goesinya. Hunky bottom boy Bruce Hill rents a huge, spooky-looking house, throws a costume party for all of his friends and tells them that there are male escorts scattered throughout the building. Then he lets them go about their business sniffing out the (already paid for) man-meat.
Lovers J.C. Carter (who is one hunky black man and a Grabby award winner for Best Ethnic Performer) and beefy, muscled, white boy Rob Steele have never been unfaithful to each other. In fact, they've never had sex with anyone out of their union. They head downstairs to the cellar where that ol' black magic casts it spell over them, and they decide to start their Halloween party early. They take turns blowing one another, then sexy Dereck Bishop steps in. Carter and Steele decide to mix it up a bit and allow Bishop into their private party. Ultimately, Bishop and Carter take turns fucking Steele's big muscle butt before they all explode. All three stay nice and hard for their tryst and look like they're having a good time. Bishop has one hot, sexy voice and could give a dead man a boner with his dirty talk.
Hill heads into the cemetery - which is terrifically realistic, complete with headstones and all that ghostly smoke filtering in. He meets black buddy Eric Butler, who is pissed off that Hill made him wait in the cemetery. Butler repays Hill by making the little white boy choke ? and I mean that literally - on his monstrous cock. We are talking stereotypically huge prick here. Size queens will be drooling over the mammoth rod that Butler has. After Hill sucks as much of Butler's cock as he can, Butler flips him over and buries his face in his ass before slipping a soggy fuck to his host. (Personally, I think the scene should have stayed an oral one, because Butler's dong is rigid while Hill blows him then somehow shrinks and sags when the fucking begins.)
A rather trade fuck occurs in the next scene. Buddies Luke Savage and Joshua Scott come across big, black and beefy Flex Gamble in an upstairs room. Savage shoos Scott out and goes to work on Gamble. Savage is energetic, but Gamble is all by-the-numbers. Gamble then fucks Savage.
Scott heads back downstairs to the snack room, where an open coffin lays. After a bit of munching, he glances over and sees L.A. Mont stroking another big donger. Scott steps into the coffin and snarfs down Mont's rod before Mont happily flips Scott over and digs his pink tongue into Scott's pouting hole. The two kiss greedily and make the scene a little more exciting by their enthusiasm. Mont then fucks Scott over the coffin, Scott matching every thrust. One question, though: Scott's hole is huge. What was he loosening himself up with beforehand? A fire hydrant?
Hill comes into the room after the couple have finished, and it is discovered that he played a little trick on all his buddies. Turns out he didn't hire any hustlers after all - he just let all his friends loose on one another.
The art direction is great, although the costumes for the so-called costume party consist of one strap of clothing per person, literally. A vampire cape, a jockstrap, a loincloth. Obviously these fellas are poor. Hell, even if someone had a sheet on, I'd be happy. But anyway, again the cemetery set was terrific, and the rooms in the old house are well decorated. The script was obviously stapled together by the sex scenes, and the direction lags a bit, but some of the performers are enthusiastic and appear to have a good time. Most notable of the bunch are Carter, Bishop, Scott and Mont.
Not a bad idea, however, for those out there having trouble with what to do for their Halloween parties.

Bruce Hill 
Derek Bishop 
Eric Butler 
Flex Gamble 
J.C. Carter 
Joshua Scott 
L.A. Mont 
Luke Savage 
Rob Steele (us)

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