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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-23 |
Military Classified - BRADY - CIVILIAN
24 / 5'11 / 160

I've been getting a bunch of requests for more of this cute little straight boy from MTV's hit show "Parental Control" and I'm not really sure if it's his modest self righteous attitude or his big fat dick that fans are attracted too but either way I couldn't agree more because I've been fascinated with Brady from the very beginning so I brought him back today for another of Rob's specials that this Boy's cum to love. Check out this never before seen footage of Brady getting his cock sucked to some pussy porn and how blown away he is at the end by how amazing it was... you can see it in his face!  
  Brady is back with his hair buzzed, running gear, querky attitude and ready to do some work today. We joked a bit during the initial interview but that querky attitude and tight hard body was nothing compared to what I unleashed after massaging that "mound" of penis that protruded from his shorts. I pulled the shorts down and out flopped an already hard cock at a whopping 7 inches long and almost 7 inches of circumference....Damn! Now that's a fat dick!
I wasted no time in dropping to my knees for this straight boy and since he's so frickin hot I really got into the cocksucking. Brady has such a beautiful cock and when I repositioned him to get sucked in another pose, I saw his ass and immediately fell in love. This boy had a perky, firm, round and nicely tanned booty that was begging for me to munch down on and poor little confused Brady couldn't quite understand what all the hoopla was regarding his dick and all of the attention he's getting sexually. Most straight guys never see this kind of attention from girls so its surprising to them when it does happen and even more crazy, when its coming from a guy.  
  I must have been on a roll because I sat Brady down on the couch and made him spread eagle with his legs propped up on the couch so his feet dangled in front of me. Now I'm a sucker for nice, clean, well manicured feet and Brady had just that. I must have licked that boys toes forever but he liked the tongue action so much that he wanted me to continue on his ass... which I did!
Brady's cock had been hard since his shorts came off where most models will lose their erection several times during a shoot. Brady is special because that boy gets hard when the wind blows and maintains an erection that rivals any 14 year old who discovered nutting for the first time! I continued my cocksucking and now in full gear, I bounced back and forth between his cock and his balls giving him overall pleasure that was undeniably new to him.  
  Towards the end I knew that it was only a matter of time before Brady fell into the clutches of my oral skills. Brady very unassumingly whispered that he was about to cum and tried to hold back the emotion but it was written all over his face which he could not deny was some of the best head of his life. After it was said and done, Brady just laid there, almost helpless in pleasure and spent of every sexual energy he could muster up.... This is going to be a MC classic!
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