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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-09-27 |
A simple Russian guy Danila is high achiever of military service in the airborne troops. But it so happened that Danila was suspected in spying and was immediately taken to our torture center to make him talk using the special investigative techniques. We stand before a hard challenge how to make talk trained to torture endurance strong young man.
The next stage of Danila's interrogation was electro torture using pain wheel, flogging and bastinado. But it looks like this guy can take a lot more before we make him talk!
Since all the previous tortures didn't make Danila talk, we decided to proceed to more severe methods, such as stretching. Even this has not force Danila to talk, so we made a decision to transfer him to another interrogation center for futher investigative steps. Danila is sent to the prison cell where he will spend a few weeks to recover from tortures, gain some strength for upcoming imminent sufferings.

3 clips and 3 picsets

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