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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-06-30 | by unknown |

This seems to have been released twice, originallys as a VlHS then re-released as a DVD.
My original copy was unusually large for it's size.  Info wouldn't show in the properties.
I used my software skills and made it viewable in any player and burnable with any app you have.
From me to you, re-released in 2009...

Sex Wrestling 4 [


Released 1997/2000


Number four and last of this best selling series is a two match, five wrestler, six fall, losers get fucked, five cum shot meat-beater that is "The best yet of the ZEUS SEX WRESTLING series." (Video Resource Reviews) Match One: Stud countryboy Sam Crockett and killer handsome porno prince Dino Phillips wear stretch-tight short shorts, then tiny bikinis as they strip and punish each other before Sam gets plowed by Dino's hole-seeking meat missile.


Match Two: Muscle-boy Doug Jeffries, hot-body bad boy Pete Horne, and hardcore hunk Steve Cannon wearing sweat-tight rubber gear punish each other two-on-one until Steve loses the struggle, his pride, and his butch butt hole after a long, hard, brutal brawl to the finish.

Starring Dino Phillips, Doug Jeffries, Pete Horne, Sam Crockett, Steve Cannon.
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