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CM PACK1 INC Bjorn & Franco Colby Cooper

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DescriptionChaosMen - Bjorn & Franco Serviced - Oral
ChaosMen - Colby & Cooper Reed (bareback)
This pack include 3 documentary clips additional to the 2 sex clips
In total 5 clips.


1. ChaosMen - Bjorn & Franco Serviced - ORAL SEX.mp4
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2. ChaosMen - Colby & Cooper Reed.mp4
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3.ChaosMen - Behind The Scenes 001 - documentary.mp4
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4.ChaosMen - Q&A with ChaosMen's Griffin - documentary.mp4
MPEG-4  : mp42 : 1 542  Kbps : 1 280p X 720p : 27mn 41s
5.ChaosMen - Studio Tour and a Look to 2016 - documentary.mp4
MPEG-4  : mp42 : 1 897  Kbps : 1 280p X 720p : 19mn 42s

Description  Bjorn & Franco Serviced - We started this Serviced video with Franco standing. He seemed more confident getting hard and even cumming that way during his solo. So I wanted to start strong.

Bjorn works his way down to his cock, and quickly gets him hard. Franco is great at dirty talking! Wow! I haven't heard a young guy say "daddy" before, but it works with him! His bossy nature took over.

Bjorn has him lay down, and I worried this position would be too passive for him. But Franco had no problems staying hard, though he snuck a lot more peeks at the video playing for him.

Bjorn had access to his hole, so started rimming it. Franco loses interest in the porn playing for him, and strokes his cock while enjoying having his ass rimmed! Hmmmmmm! Another sign he might be a versatile type of guy?

We even get a short amount of Franco sucking on Bjorn's cock. For his first time, he hesitated only a moment, then tried his best to explore techniques to turn his buddy on. It doesn't last long, but basically I wanted him to get that hurdle over with before coming back to do a full sex scene.

Bjorn lies on his back while Franco strokes his load right into Bjorn's mouth. His cock puts out a lot of cum, and Bjorn swallows what he could. Franco pushes his spent cock into his mouth, making him clean it. He starts encouraging Bjorn to cum by dirty talking while rubbing his chest.
That did the trick and Bjorn busted a nut that actually hit Franco!

Description  Colby & Cooper Reed - Colby came in and tried doing a scene a month or so after his solo/oral. He wanted to Top, and I really too also wanted to see his fat cock going in and out of an ass. It is an impressive cock, but like many ginormous cocks, they often don't get super hard.

And it turned out Colby was very nervous his first try. His cock was just too wobbly to penetrate a tight hole. He has not fucked much ass, and sex with a vagina is much easier. He also didn't think he could suck dick. At the time, he was also not ready to bottom, so we called it quits.

Months passed and he said he had tried bottoming on his own, liked it, and said he be down to get fucked, and do a whole scene.

I know it's criminal to not see that cock pillaging a hole, but it is awful nice to see Cooper Reed's mouth trying to wrap around it! Also, Colby had no problems sucking Cooper's cock. He seemed a lot more relaxed this time, and sexually more adventurous. I do think if we give him a couple more videos, he will be a confident Top.

And as it turns out, Colby is an amazing Bottom. He was close to cumming the entire time. He had to stop from stroking his cock a couple times as Cooper fucked him hard.

Cooper fucks him until he nuts, then unloads all over his hole.

Colby is stunned after such an intense orgasm. Cooper licks up Colby's load, then goes down to eat the cum out of Colby's cock and ass.

I definitely will try to get Colby back to do more. Maybe Bottom a few more times, then find the perfect guy for him to work with!

For more detail see screenshot. 

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