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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-01-02 |
Curious after ending a long and somewhat boring relationship, Anders came to me looking for some self-exploration. The only thing his girlfriend left him with was a taste for a finger in his ass while getting blown. Just recently, Anders has been pushing his own boundaries and has discovered the fun of dildos in his tight virgin ass. The next logical step in his mind was either getting fucked from behind by a girl with a strap-on, a passable tranny, or just get straight to it with a "straight" guy. With his taut abs, smooth chest, and even smoother cock with a nice big mushroom-shaped head, I should be able to find him a nice young man to fulfill his curiousity. As Anders gets more comfortable jerking his cock in front of me, he starts to pull his balls this way and that. He finally can't take the temptation anymore and plunges a finger deep in his ass. His toned abs crunch up into a nice canvas just waiting to be painted by the creamy ropes that come swinging out of that huge tip of his.

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