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DescriptionAbout the Muscle Mafia
Secret Society / An Underground: This is an organization of muscle jocks, athletes and bodybuilders and the people who love to watch and admire us. On the outside we lead otherwise seemingly normal and respectable lives, we could be almost anybody and so could you. Most of us maintain a variety of legitimate careers and have healthy relationships as straight masculine guys who like to explore their alter ego and different aspects of human male sexuality.
The Muscle Mafia celebrated its 10 year anniversary in November 2012, over the years we have gone beyond just movie making and muscle worship, we have become a community, a private social club of masculine normal men all over the world who may some day be a member of our crew or who at best can fully relate to the sexuality and alter egos of our Crew. We have become a place for guys like us who need a place to explore and express their deepest, most private sexual fantasies, fetishes and turn-ons regarding other alpha-males and masculine men.
Muscle Mafia History: Through a series of unique circumstances The Muscle Mafia was formed in 2001, and officially hit the Internet with in November 2002. The men of The Muscle Mafia became known as ¡°The Crew¡± and I, Carlo, the creator the man that makes things happen here, the man my buddies and "crew" look to to mold, mentor and create them here became known as ¡°The God Father¡± or ¡°The Boss". This is pure muscle worship and alpha-male domination! These secret and discreet muscle worship situations are real, raw and they are unscripted and filmed so that our identity remains private; this gives creditability to our "Code Of Silence" and the niche I exclusively created. Our films are professionally filmed, edited and offered as in our theaters as HD quality online streams.
Now: Operations have grown beyond anyone's expectations, November 2012 we turn 10 years old with no signs of slowing down. Our product and the way we manage business is professional, yet we still remain a group of gym buddies doing this on the "DL"; run by Matt, "Muscle Matt" and me, Carlo. We are expanding the organization and the ¡°Inner Circle¡± to include photographers, filmmakers, web techs and in some cases investors that all adhere to the ¡°Code of Silence.¡± What we have is one of the most successful professionally run, homegrown amateur muscle film making families in internet history. We produce something not offered by any other production company or any muscle web site, regardless of its budget and size. The only difference is now we have become a sub-culture of society. Those who have reviewed and written about us on blogs, message boards and magazines will argue The Muscle Mafia, and our websites are an Internet sensation, a phenomenon of pop culture that has offered authenticity to adult films and changed the industry forever.
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