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DreamBoyBondage - Brett - Straight Bully - Complete Individual Parts 1-9

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Straight Bully – Part 1
Playtime: 16:01
Brett is one of those frat boy football players who likes to pick on “fags” and “sissies.” He always has a sneer on his lips and is convinced every guy in the gym is a “homo” who’s checking him out. He’s known to have jumped and beat up several gay men on campus, always targeting young Freshmen who are much smaller and weaker than he is. He’s also one hell of a good lucking stud, strong and muscular, with a perfect V-shaped torso, tree-trunk like thighs and the square-jawed good looks of an college football player. Of course, he’s really nothing but a coward. And now he’s met his match – Jared, who is going to beat the shit out of him and make him suffer for every “fag” he has spewed at some kid and every punch he has thrown. His well-deserved torture starts now.

Straight Bully – Part 2
Playtime: 16:48
Every turn of the crank stretches Brett like a gymnast doing the splits and the iron cross at the same time. His shoulders feel like they will pop and his thighs literally shake in agony, spread nearly parallel to the floor. “You’re a fucking monster,” he says to the tall, muscular stud torturing him. “Shut the fuck up, you fucking bully,” Jared replies, punching him hard in the solar plexus. Jared shows absolutely no mercy, stretching Brett first horizontally, then in a classic X, and treating him like a human punching bag, pounding his abs and pecs and punching his sides and kidneys, inflecting nearly unbearable pain on the bully. Jared does not like bullies and he loves beating the shit out of a real muscle man like Brett who genuinely deserves it.

Straight Bully – Part 3
Playtime: 15:52
Brett can’t believe what is happening to him. Sure, he’s beat up a few gay guys – but they deserved it, checking him out in the locker room. Sure, he’s called a few sissy boys “faggot.” Big deal! That’s hardly means he should be tortured — stretched, beaten and humiliated. But that is exactly what is happening to him, at the hands of powerful young man, himself rippling with muscle and with an almost inhuman ability to inflect pain without mercy. Brett struggles against the ropes that are painfully stretching his body in a cruel X, but there is nothing he can do. Now things are about to get much worse: Instead of punching him with his fists, Jared beats him with a steel pole covered with hard-foam – a much worse beating. After inflecting a dozen horrid blows, Jared cranks the bully up onto his tiptoes and leaves him, every muscle in his body straining. Hours later he’s flat on his back, waiting for his next torture.

Straight Bully – Part 4
Playtime: 14:48
Gay basher Brett is hauled up by his ankles until he hangs inverted in mid-air, his stomach sucked in, armpits deepened, every muscle in his lean body stretched and visible. He can feel the blood rushing to his head. Jared enters and clips his wrists to a chain on the floor, turning him into a perfect X of muscular flesh. Jared means business, stripped down to his compression shots, an athlete with a body of solid muscle. His legs are especially powerful. And he is now going to use them – and his fists – to torture this bully. Jared alternates between kicking and punching the inverted frat boy’s abs and the small of his back, making him gasp in pain and shock. “I’m sorry! I’ll change!” Brett screams, but Jared just punches and kicks him harder.

Straight Bully – Part 5
Playtime: 15:53
“Did you show your victims any mercy?” Jared asks, before kicking Brett again, even harder. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” the big stud sputters. Soon Brett is hanging limp, exhausted and unable to fight. Jared leaves him like that to contemplate why he is being so brutally punished, then he lowers the stud to the ground and leaves him slumped on the floor, still chained by his wrists and ankles. Then – to Brett’s utter horror – Jared cranks him up again, stretching him even harder, upside down, once again completely exposed, vulnerable and disoriented. “You are worse then me,” Brett mutters when Jared dangles the flogger in front of his yes. Jared just laughs and then whips the bully up and down his body, beating his beautiful pecs and abs, back and ass, even his arms and legs.

Straight Bully – Part 6
Playtime: 16:09
Brett can’t believe how sadistic the young man torturing him is. He’s been hanging upside down for hours, long enough to be disoriented. His stretched pecs, abs, back and ass are beat red, brutally decorated by the whip. The pain from the brutal punches his muscular body has suffered still emanate from deep inside. But his torture has just begun. Jared approaches with new instruments of agony: three hard plastic, spring-loaded clamps – one for each nipple and one for the tip of his uncut cock! Brett screams in terror and pain as the devices are attached to his inverted body, helpless to do anything to resist or remove them. Now Jared steps back and admires his prize – his beautiful body, beautifully suffering. Finally, the exhausted bully is lowered to the ground and stretched out along the chain on the floor, his wrists and ankles attached to it. Jared fondles the bully, anticipating what he will do next.

Straight Bully – Part 7
Playtime: 15:58
Brett is stretched out along a steel chain, his arms high over his head, wrists and ankles fastened with steel cuffs. Jared looms over him, wearing nothing but skin-tight boxer briefs and his leather kick-boxing boots. Then Brett notices that the stud is holding an electrode in his hand. “Oh my God,” Brett mutters, still not fully comprehending what is about to happen to him. Soon he outstretched body is an electric conduit, from wrists to ankles. Brett convulses violently when the first jolt of current suddenly passes through his body. He looks amazing, every muscle flexing, from his abs and pecs to his massive thighs and corded arms. When the current is turned off, he collapses, heaving, gasping for breath. But the shocks keep on coming, over and over, unbelievable painful, sending him into a state of shock. Maybe now he has learned his lesson.

Straight Bully – Part 8
Playtime: 16:12
Jared makes a deal with bully-boy Brett: Jerk off that fat, straight boy cock – pump out a load of cum on command – and you can go home. Still stretched-out on his back, his left wrist and both ankles cuffed to the steel chain on the floor, Brett works his cock with his free hand. Even after all that pain and torture, Brett is enough of a stud to bust a load of cum all over his hand, as ordered. But that sadist Jared has a surprise for him: As soon as the cum flies, Brett receives a terrible shock through his body, making him convulse in pain once again. “But I came!” the shocked bully exclaims. But his torture is far from over. We must see that beautiful, muscular body displayed on the cross. Brett’s crucifixion turns the cruel bully into genuine victim. He is suffering for his own sins.

Straight Bully – Part 9
Playtime: 17:05
The cross is an amazing instrument of torture, slow, quiet and unrelenting. Brett is forced up on his toes, his ankles tied tight against the wood, his heels up on a two-by-four behind his feet. Positioned like this on a small platform exhausts the legs, like standing on your tip-toes for hours. His arms are pulled tight, almost horizontal, placing enormous strain on his chest and forcing each arm to hold the equivalent of his full body weight when his legs give out and he sags. The pressure on his torso is so great, it quickly becomes hard to breath. Plus, he has been brutally punched in the abs during his first hour on the cross. Now, hours later, he is in totally agony. And there is nothing he can do to reduce the pain. Just dance on the cross of pain, slowly suffocating, hour after hour.
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