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Cast:  Matthieu Paris, Tamas Eszterhazy, Huessein, Derrick Hanson, Dominic Pacifico, François Sagat, J.D. Kollin, Joey Russo, Justin Christopher, Marcos Pirelli, Rafael Alencar

Director:  Chris Ward

Country:  US

Length: 2 hr

Year: 2007

Studio :  Raging Stallion Studios

"Raging Stallion introduces Boners, a non-stop thrill ride of hot man-on-man sex. The title says it all: this movie is full of big, hard cocks and the holes they fill. These seven scenes provide enough boners for any hungry hole and enough action to bring pleasure to the world.

Boners begins with a jog in the country. Big-dicked Joey Russo runs alongside Derrick Hanson and begins working up a sweat. They finish their run and the real workout begins. Joey is the first to go down on Derrick's big dick. As Joey works Derrick with his oral skills, Derrick frees Joey’s large cock from his running shorts. These boys love sucking dick and take turns giving each other pleasure. Derrick has an especially talented throat and swallows every rock hard inch with enthusiasm. Joey's boner loves the attention. On top of large metal storage containers they trade blowjobs as the wind shakes the trees.

Back on the ground in their pick-up truck, Derrick bends over and takes Joey's hard-on. Joey pounds away with Derrick moaning in pleasure. Derrick then wants to take his turn and shoves his dick deep inside of Joey’s hairy hole. With the two studs facing each other and exchanging kisses, Derrick's cock plunges in and out, forcing Joey to release a massive load of cum. Derrick follows and covers Joey's pecs with spooge.

Marcos Pirelli is home alone in his painter’s studio. Bored with painting, Marcos finds bigger and better things to play with than paintbrushes. This Latin stud loves his own dick; he bounces it up and down and swings it side to side. Using spit as lube, he pounds away at his uncut cock and pushes his fingers deep under his own foreskin. With constant eye contact with the camera, Marcos brings himself to an explosive ending.

Dominic Pacifico is trying to get some painting done but quickly gets distracted by Justin Christopher’s huge member. Justin isn't shy about sharing and Dominic complies, taking the huge dick down his throat. You can see tears in his eyes as he tries to swallow the whole thing. As soon as the dick sucking stops the fucking begins. Dominic's ass is just as eager to take Justin's massive rod. Bent over between two ladders, Dominic's ass takes more than his throat ever could. Justin has a huge brown cock and he throws a good fuck. Dominic's hole stretches in front of your eyes to accommodate the huge thing. With Justin on his back, Dominic sits on the massive cock, pushing it deep into his hole. Riding Justin's huge cock pushes the cum right out of Dominic and he is quickly followed by an equally impressive shot by Justin.

Francois Sagat sits in front of huge windows and plays with his own monstrous boner. Stroking his dick is pleasurable but it's even better when he plays with his butthole. Bent over and spreading his ass for your pleasure, his rock hard erection becomes his new favorite plaything. When he cums, he shoots all over his muscled chest and smears the cum into his skin.

J.D. Kollin and Tamas Eszterhazy are wrestling around in their skin-tight singlets. As soon as J.D. pins Tamas down, he goes for the gold. Tamas has an amazing muscle-bound body and a big fat cock. Sweaty from wrestling, the real action begins with Tamas taking J.D.'s boner. With Tamas's surrender, J.D. goes for the huge uncut package stuffed into Tamas' singlet. The dick sucking is just a prelude to a beautiful fuck with Tamas' ass up in the air and J.D. taking him from behind. Tamas is an eager bottom and loves every inch he can get from J.D., who plunges his cock in and out of Tamas's beautiful asshole and then flips him onto his back for more. Tamas takes even more of J.D.'s cock, this time with Tamas' cock banging against his abs. They pump each other to climax with cum spilling onto the wrestling mat and all over each other.

Rafael Alencar entertains himself by stroking his huge dick. This stud's oversized meat is more than enough for one. From every angle, each inch of the uncut monster is revealed as Rafael pumps his dick with both fists. Rafael's butt is equally impressive and he works it for the camera with his cock pointing straight toward the floor. As he shoots, he scores a big white load all over his chest.

Huessein is washing himself off in an outdoor shower as the final scene begins. The water trickles down his furry chest and over his already hard cock. As he exits the shower he is fortunate enough to find Tamas Eszterhazy and Matthieu Paris in the nearby hot tub. As Huessein joins them, the dick sucking begins and Huessein is the center of this amazing threesome. Matthieu and Tamas take turns with Huessein's boner and then get some oral attention of their own.

When the fucking starts, this scene really burns up the screen. Matthieu is the first top and his huge erection fills every inch of Tamas's hungry hole. Huessein is next to pump Tamas while Tamas is busy sucking dick. Both Tamas and Huessein shoot loads but the scene has only begun. Matthieu is next up for bottoming and Huessein is quick to fill his butt. In the golden sun, the action is non-stop. Huessein plows away as Matthieu groans. Matthieu's hole is never satisfied and Huessein is happy to provide a hard cock for its pleasure. These two fuck as the sun begins to set and the cum flies as both men cover Matthieu in jizz."

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