SBZ - Pack 1 of 7

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DescriptionSBZ - Pack 1 of 7

Thanks for waiting. Promise is promise, and there you have it. A massive collection of 163 videos from SBZ, divided in 7 packs, and today you have the first one.
002 Alan
011 Will
022 Jaxon
026 Alec
042 Tony
047 Brendt
067 Jeremy
080 (no name GH)
104 Dric
142 Jerry
152 Dolan
167 Jaco
170 Will
182 Hector
184 Jace
199 Jerry
200 Dric
232 Louis
233 Suen
234 Jerry
248 Lex
268 Jonathan
273 Brendt Jako Jaxon
and also a PDF containing the whole list.

Feel free to comment, but be aware I will never respond because by no means I want my identity revealed. At least until the deliverance of the 7th pack. So, thanks in advance for the comments you may put here :-)
No requests please.
It's possible download only selected videos, whether you want check the quality first or because your download ratio isn't good enough. Anyway, if you really really want them all don't wait too long. We never know how long the torrent remain valid, and if someone in the site decides to kill it I will respect and won't reupload it again.
Final note: The sample video I uploaded before "#051 Alec" will be repeated in some future pack, with a little better quality (divx encoding and better rate like all others in the pack). I noticed also that there are other videos from SBZ site here in Gaytorrent. I just want you to know they were not uploaded by me. The only ones from me will be these 7 packs and that "Alec" sample video I put here before. It's also virtually impossible that any video in any of my packs could be reported as duplicate in the site because I made the encoding myself, and at least size of the file will be different. But of course many videos may be repeated and you are free to choose to download  the overall pack or part of it.
I kindly lightmarked all preview photos above, to become easy your selection. There's a small PDF enclosed too. In there you may know in advance the list of all the 163 videos and also which ones will be available in Pack 2.

*Just a correction to the PDF enclosed: Pack 2 is expected on 24th May and not on 27th May.

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