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2007, 104 min

A.K.A.: Hitchcocked , Night Swimming , Oedipus N+1 , Running without Sound , Summer , The Bridge

Country:  US, France, Germany

Studio :  Wolfe Releasing

Cast:  Jalil Lespert, Jay Brown, Peter Peralta

Director:  Daniel Falcone, David M. Young, Eric Rognard, George Barbakadze, Hong Khaou, Judd King, Sven J. Matten

Here is a superb collection of seven gay men's shorts from France, Germany, Great Britain and the US.

Night Swimming -- (US, 2005, 19 min , Daniel Falcone)
Alluring cinematography and a well-designed script expose a gay punker�s crush on his �straight� best friend. When a broken-down car lead the two to a moonlit lake, things become rather heated after a dip in the lake.

Summer -- (Great Britain, 2006, 10 min, Hong Khaou)
This intricately crafted short delicately explores the ache of unrequited love as Leung revelas his true feelings for his beefy straight pal Will.

Oedipus N+1 -- (France, 2002, 27 min , Eric Rognard)
A young French man wakes up to learn that he's a clone. Strange memories from his previous self - ones involving another man - surface, which seem to upset his mother.... (French with English subtitles)

Out Now -- (Germany, 2005, 20 min , Sven J. Matten)
In Bavaria, 16-year-old Tom keeps his sexuality secret from his homophobic peers -- even though, as he discovers while online, a cute boy or two might be gay, too! (german with English subtitles)

Running without Sound -- (US, 2004, 12 min , Judd King)
A deaf teen makes a dash for love with a charismatic running team friend.

The Bridge -- (Australia, 2005, 8 min , dir. George Barbakadze)
An aging man recalls the young lover he had to leave behind in this heartwrenching, impressionistic story of the separation that occurs because of a denied application for political asylum.

Hitchcocked -- (US, 2006, 8 min , David M. Young)
With his latest short, filmmaker David M. Young takes us to the brink in this comic thriller about an online hookup.

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