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Alex's boyfriend wanted to be the cameraman for his first homemade gay porn video and this scruffy twink can't wait to please his man!

He slowly slips off his clothes with his eyes locked on the camera as he begs for the approval of his unseen boyfriend. He shows off his perfect 7 inch uncut cock then slides two fingers up his ass before spewing a sticky mess of scruffy twink cum all over his smooth belly. Not sure how your boyfriend felt but we DEFINITELY approve!

Alex slowly peels off his t-shirt and lays back on the bed with his eyes locked on the camera as his boyfriend carefully captures every detail on his HD video camera. There's a close personal connection between these two and the sexual energy burns up the screen! Alex starts rubbing his already hard cock through the stiff denim of his jeans as he lays back and lets the camera soak up his beautiful bare chest.

The camera comes in for a close-up as Alex opens his fly and pushes down his jeans. His cock head is poking at the thin fabric of his black briefs and struggles to be free as he kicks his pants off. He his cock a couple of tugs inside his shorts before reaching inside and letting that little devil free.

Holy crap, this guy's got a beautiful uncut cock. About 7 inches and thick with a perfectly formed cock head and a pair of tight little balls at the base. Alex glances up to the camera for approval as he positions his rod so his boyfriend can get the shot. He pulls his legs up and pulls off his socks then coats his fingers with spit and brings them to his exposed asshole.

Suddenly he's lost in the overwhelming sensation as his fingers slide easily inside his asshole and this scruffy twink is in heaven. His toes wiggle in the air as he slides his finger in and out of his sensitive hole. He pulls his finger out and lubes two fingers with his own spit then jabs them inside his body.

His boyfriend gets the camera right up close so we can see Alex's hole stretched wide to accomodate his two meaty fingers. It's a beautiful simple act of self pleasure captured in intimate detail by his boyfriend's HD camera. Fucking beautiful!

Alex's cock is rock hard and dripping with precum so he takes a second to swirl that crystal clear pleasure around his cock head. Creating little spider webs of love as he pulls his finger away from the sensitive skin then roughly smears the rest around with his thumb. His balls suck up inside his belly as his cock swells just a little bit harder. Perfection.

Alex hops on his knees and strokes his cock with one hand as his boyfriend gets some nice close-ups of his perfect twink asshole. This guy is an adonis and every part of him is delicious! He pushes his hips back as he slowly works a finger back inside his asshole and buries his head in the pillows. This feels fucking great!

His boyfriend moves the camera around and stands on the bed. Looking down on Alex as he continues to work his perfect uncut cock. Alex looks up with longing eyes as he slowly rolls his foreskin up and over his cockhead. Grinding his hips forward now as he mock fucks his own hand. It's pretty clear he's randy to get off but his boyfriend still wants a couple more shots. Naturally, Alex complies.

He lays back on the bed and slowly works his cock. It feels fucking great and he's a little too close to cumming so let's go quickly and glances up at his boyfriend. Not yet... It takes all his concentration to not cum and Alex tenses and relaxes the muscles of his perfect abs to take his mind off his dilemma. He manages to control himself and the video continues!

His boyfriend gets between his legs and gets a nice close-up of Alex's swollen uncut cock as he slowly (SLOWLY) works his meat. His eyes are begging to get off but his boyfriend lets the scene play out for just a little longer.

He gets one more angle of Alex's beautiful cock and balls then signals that it's okay for his beautiful little twink to get himself off. And Alex doesn't waste any time. He grabs his cock and lets his hand become a blur on the shaft as he races toward his own sweet relief.

In an instant cum is shooting out of his cock in beautiful thick ropes that glaze his perfect abs and ooze down the side of his shaft. Five beautiful streams hit belly before he collapses in a lovely mess of spent twink - gasping for air and quivering with delight!
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