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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-01-22 by unknown |

If you're going to make a hot splash in the bareback market, you'd better have considerable star power to back you up. ThreshHold Media puts its money on Nick Parker, an eager 20-something stud, hungry not only for spunk but for the camera's attention.

In the opening of Bred & Fed's seven intense scenes, a solitary male blow-up doll lays on a bed. His expressionless plastic mouth patiently waits for filling. In a low-tech camera trick, Parker is substituted for the doll.

Parker's got bright brown eyes and a coy smile framed by a goatee. His physique is lean; a guy it'd be easy to miss in a crowd. But with dick in his mouth, he's obviously in his element. Parker's prick takes a back seat to his pretty ass, but he's got a gorgeous mushroom head that seems almost too fat for the shaft it caps.

The cum flies freely in Bred & Fed, but it doesn't go to waste. At one moment, Parker shoots his load directly into his buddy's mouth. He misses his mark a bit and it splatters across the guy's stubbled chin. Not missing a beat, Parker quickly squats down and sensually eats his own spooge, then shares a few deep kisses with his partner.

Another young man makes a huge show of shooting his load against Parker's worn asshole. What doesn't slide down Parker's legs is worked back inside Parker's ass with fingers. Nearly all the scenes have some degree of cum play.

The last guy Parker barebacks with pumps his scum into a bowl, then funnels the juice down into Parker's ass. It's kinky, and seems even nastier than that same syringe-like turkey baster was used during an earlier threeway only moments before.

The final hookup is really the hottest of all seven scenes. His blond buddy has a toned body, a nice prick and seems to know exactly which buttons to press. Their sex is undoubtedly the most intense, and the business with the funnel puts this scene at the top of the film's filth list.

The camera work and lighting is trademark amateur, and no soundtrack muddies the natural sound. This offering from ThreshHold Media doesn't compete on the same level as a Treasure Island Media or SX Video for production values, but Bred & Fed is a worthy effort that shouldn't be overlooked.
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