♺ [Incest] Oh, My Sleeping Father (Hmmmm)

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Son: "I know, we have been having a lot of sex sessions lately. My father has told me: 'Peter, whenever you need to fuck, just let me know, even if I'm sleeping.'. Of course I cannot ignore it.

As he once told me 'My fucking time has passed. You are the one with the sexual vigor now. You've got the dick, I have the hole to host it. So why not mix them, if you know what I mean..?'

Even if I want to deny this incestuous energy, it is much better to fuck his ass and mouth than jacking off. He has also asked me whether I enjoy it as much as he does. He needs validation; but... whenever I am positive to his question, I see him getting harder. He has a butthole that has been lying in hibernation for so many years. His tool can be hard, but why not give his son the pleasure he deserves?

'I should be making you happy, I am the one who brought you to life. Even if that means that I have to ride your cock, I still want to make you excited about life.'

For some days now, we've been stuck in our apartment. Every 2 hours I thrust my cock as deeply as I can. Even when I watch TV, he comes naked in the living room and sits on my always-horny monster cock. A monster cock that HE gave his son."
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