Wild Rangers 3 - Hot on Their Tail!

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Description It's always a pleasure to watch a flick where it appears that the entire cast was actually having fun while making the movie -- aside from the sex, that is. In this, the third exploration of Brock Masters in his role of a park ranger, director Chip Daniels has put together a band of merry men who wink at each other, if not the camera, and along the way wink some other body parts as well.

The story line is suitably dumb: Jacques Moulin, Jr., a French babe and son of a rich tycoon, is kidnapped and the culprits are suspected of having fled to somewhere within the confines of the Centaur Ranch in Florida. Head ranger Brock is on everyone's shit to make sure they find him, because the governor is in a snit over the kidnapping. In fact, the governor calls Deputy Austin Shadow, who looks like he stepped right out of a role as drill sergeant in Iraq, lean, craggy-faced, hot and hard as nails as a promising bulge in his shorts gets. After getting berated, Austin does the same to his own deputy, the mono-named, hairy-chested, puppy-faced, surprisingly hot mono-named Devon, who had the nerve to return to his tent looking like a mess. When the now delightfully butch and grinning Cadet Sean Storm arrives to inspect the situation, Austin sends him away and orders Devon into the tent to help him clean up, and get cleaned up.

This scene sizzles from the time Devon gets down on his knees in his jockstrap to lick and suck the exceptionally huge dick on his supervisor, it's so long that Austin can bend over and give himself a blowjob along with Devon. A great cocksucker, Devon is the major find here, and he is hungry and willing to do anything to please his ass-eating boss, including offering his fabulously round butt for eating and pounding. Dirty-man sex-talk permeates the session, which is beautifully filmed from several directions, until Austin fucks the cum out of Devon while still in him, pulls out, rips his condom off, and showers his buddy with sluices of cum, doubles up and cleans his own cock off with his tongue.

Next we are treated to one of the most incongruous, yet scorching, pairings of the year. Ranger Barrett Long -- tall, ripped, gorgeous and hung with 11 inches of horsemeat -- is patrolling the park on his horse when he comes upon a trailer which looks like it's been ransacked. And outside -- tied to a lawn chair and gagged with masking tape -- is the naked owner, the delightfully cute, small, compact, Timmy Thomas. He explains that he's been attacked (by the kidnappers) and raped, and Barrett looks around and announces the place secure. "Is there anything else you need?" he asks as Timmy stands up, revealing a promisingly rising cock, but also emphasizing the difference in their height. Next thing we know, Timmy is positioned over Barrett's pole, licking, sucking, moaning -- chewing the foreskin of the massive uncut dick (the camera shots over Barrett's shoulder into Timmy's face and loving mouth are superb). As much as he likes the service, Barrett also is well known for loving cock, so he sits in the chair and takes Timmy's pud into his mouth and gives him a joyous suck while pulling on his massive log. The contrast is amazing, and is highlighted in slow-motion until Barrett gets itchy for ass, throws Timmy over a bench and plunges his pole into that tight little bubble-butt, tossing him back and forth between missionary and doggy until he cums a gusher on the guy's back and bangs his ass with his spent cock. Turns out to be a little bit of a dream that Timmy had, however, so he has to beat off after the fully clothed park ranger leaves.

Ranger Brad McGuire, skinhead and muscle-bound, pursues Rico Suave, a baby-faced 19-year-old Latino who is one of the kidnappers, catches him, and brings him back to camp. Instead of using Dick Cheney torture techniques to get information out of him, however, Brad uses the carrot, instead of a stick. He whips his already hot cock out and offers it to Rico in exchange for information, an offer the cock-hungry kid cannot refuse. He salivates, trying to grab the cock with his mouth as Brad teases him while phoning his supervisor to tell him where Rico said the rest of the gang went. Then he allows the kid to have his way with his cock before getting him up and eating his firm, eager ass. An extended fuck scene follows: doggy, missionary, and doggy again, with especially and very delightful close-ups of Brad's fat cock penetrating the sweet hole of the eager Rico. Verbal pig Brad and ecstatic butt-guy Rico growl and talk dirty throughout, and the scene ends in an appropriate gusher of goo from the ranger over the back and ass of the culprit, but Rico gets up and runs off.

Two of the other members of the gang -- pale and preppy Kaleb Scott, and tanned and sinewy Erik Austin -- need to get back to the camp and steal a boat to do so. Meanwhile the impossibly sexy and handsome ranger Dolph Donovich is searching the area. He goes to the bathroom and sees the two fugitives asleep, naked, on the floor, takes their clothes and wakes them up. Accusing them of being kidnappers, they deny it, and to prove it offer to show that he can trust them, by offering him their dicks. He obliges, sitting on the commode and alternating between dicks. Dolph is a fabulous, confident, relaxed cocksucker, he resembles the lead actor of "Lost," and the close-ups of him sucking, slowly enjoying, savoring, eating are exceptionally erotic, man! This guy loves cock! All the while he pulls his own super-sized tool and fingers his eager, pink hole, this guy could use his own hour-long, center-of-attention flick. The scene moves to the floor where Kaleb offers up his ass missionary, legs akimbo, to his buddy while slobbering Dolph's dick, then Dolph train-fucks Erik who's in Kaleb, then the two older guys double-fuck Kaleb. The cum-shots are hefty and loud, and when Erik spills some seed on Kaleb's lower lip, the younger guy goes whole hog and takes the cum-covered shaft into his mouth and cleans it off.

The last two kidnappers -- muscular and blond Drew Peters, and rangy and brunet Jacob Hall -- are holed up at a cabin with their prey, dirty-blond and preppy Jacques, who looks a little like the love child of Brad Pitt and Czech porn star Johan Paulik. Jacques complains that he's hungry, so the criminals feed him their cocks, which he eagerly gobbles until it becomes apparent that he is no longer under duress. Then the three engage in hot kissing, mutual sucking, and we get a real treat when Jacob pulls down Jacques' sweat pants to reveal a fat, long, uncut cock that begs for oral massage, which Jacob obligingly performs before passing the prize to Drew. They spread Jacques on his back on a table, and mutual rimming ensues before Jacob plunges his own sizeable member up Jacques' eager hole with Drew's cock serving as a gag in his mouth before the two of them switch positions. All the while Jacques is screaming in ecstasy, and then, suddenly, ranger Brock bursts in, gun in hand, and cock at the ready. "What do you say we fuck them now?" he says to Jacques, then bends Jacob over and sends his cock up his chute as Jacques does the same to Drew. Jacob cums almost instantly while being plowed doggy over the table by the fully clothed Brock, who then gets naked, slips into Drew's ass missionary and fucks the cum out of him instantly. Both Jacob and Drew's cum-shots are no-hands deals, by the way. His cock tuned, Brock then plunges into Jacques for a few strokes, then the four of them go off to the couch to pump off and cum again, after which Brock handcuffs the bad guys and leaves them on the couch to wallow in the stickiness of their wrongdoing, or good deeds, depending on your outlook on life.

Just another walk in the park.
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