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Falcon - Jocks - Addiction (Part 2)

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DescriptionFalcon - Jocks
Addiction - Part 2 (Full Movie)
Year 2003

Addiction Part 2 continues just where Part 1 left (came) off. We’re back the following night at the same decadent dance club - where the engorged clientele works hard to put the “dick” in “addiction”.

Josh Weston and Danny Vox scope out the scene, bemoaning the lack of tasty fuckables on the floor. We segue into Josh’s imagination as he dreams of fondling tanned and ripped Brad Patton’s thick, veiny, curvy, uncut and downright mouth-watering cock.
Suddenly Josh is observing from the wings as Brad gets accosted by steely muscle dream-stud Marcus Iron, who grabs hold of the humongous bulge in Brad’s ever-tightening denims, unleashes the pulsing crotch-monster beneath, then proficiently deep-throats it like a starved cock-gobbler tasting meat for the first time in hours.

We pull back to reveal that Brad and Marcus are standing on a raised platform. Underneath, scintillating gym stud Jacob Hall strokes his erect tool. In the blink of an eye, Marcus is rigorously gagging deep on Jacob’s jumbo johnson while, over on another platform, farmboy-cute Trent Austin shares his substantially large stiffened meat with Brad.
Josh finally approaches the group and greedily sucks all four raging hard cocks before the quartet of dream hunks turns their attention towards worshiping Josh by waxing his ween and slurping his sphincter. Josh pounds Trent and Jacob while Marcus intrepidly accommodates the wide plunge of Ben’s quite thick cock. Thick gushy loads soar during the sticky climax, including a stray facial.

Meanwhile, in a dark corner of Club Addiction, frisky Danny and lean, goateed hottie Justin Dragon start making out under a shiny disco ball, then abscond to a nearby leather sofa for some S+F (sucking and fucking) as well as some mutual slurpy ass-shellacking. Danny takes a fierce ride on the stiff Dragon and takes its fiery payload of pearly cream right in the kisser.

Trent Atkins pops up in a cameo to bait bouncer Ken Houser into the loo under the pretense of receiving another vacuum suck job. Instead, Ken is ambushed by two hot strapping fuckers, Daniel Montes and Filippo Romano, more than a physical match for the muscled bouncer Ken, and as hung and droolingly delicious a tag-team as any pseudo-macho hunk like Ken could ever be lucky enough to be topped by. Lots of feverish pit sniffing and cock-gobblery ensue, as well as a round-robin ass-slurp. Then bouncer Ken takes it aggressively up the bum by Filippo and Daniel, who both wind up losing their gooey loads onto Ken’s smirking face.

Meanwhile, in the manager’s office, salt-and-pepper daddy stud Aiden Shaw interviews another employment applicant, compact hunk Joe Foster. We join them as Aiden finds out for himself whether Joe’s a muscle top or a pussy bottom. They begin with the mutual cock sucking, with Joe particularly savoring the taste of Aiden’s cock as he docks his tongue inside the excess foreskin. They slurp on each other’s pucker spots, and Joe bare-grinds Aiden’s hole for a few glorious strokes. However it’s Aiden who assumes the top position, authoritatively making Joe an amply sated pussy bottom. And ya gotta love a man with a taste for his own spunk, as Aiden relishes the flavor of his own lapped-up spirit.

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