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Helix Studios - Top 10 (2013)

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Description1 - Helix - 8Teenboy - Jordan's Teen Fuck Dream 1080p.mkv

Full Length: 15 minutes
Models: Kyle Ross, Jordan Thomas

The morning after, Jordan Thomas finds himself in bed with the ultra hot and twinky Kyle Ross. He just can't help but peel back the smooth young blonde's briefs and toy with his ass. Then Jordan punctures Kyle's tight morning hole with his condom free boner. Kyle loves a great bareback wake up fuck. Jordon is a newbie barely 18 boy who's into hardcore fucking and gives it to Kyle Ross deep and hard. Kyle gets a juicy load up his used twink hole.

2 - Helix - 8Teenboy - Bareback Massage 1080p.mkv

Full Length: 22 minutes
Models: Jessie Montgomery, Blade Woods

Super hot blond twink Jessie Montgomery is in the middle of giving the sexy stud Blade Woods a very sensual message when he begins to feel horny. Jessie pulls out his breath-takingly beautiful cock and begins to ravage Blade's tight little boy hole. Jessie and Blade continue to get down and dirty in this amazingly arousing bareback scene, until finally Blade's dick erupts with pleasure and Jessie shots his creamy seed deep inside Blade's asshole.

3 - Helix - 8Teenboy - Big Dick Bathroom Fuck 1080p.mkv

Full Length: 22 minutes
Models: Stefan Nash, Kyler Ash

Beautiful big dick twink Kyler Ash is brushing his teeth when blond stud Stefan Nash walks in and thinks something else would look good in Kyler's pretty little mouth. Kyler wraps his tender lips around Stefan's ragging hard boner and quickly goes to work. But Stefan being a hungry cock slut decides he wants to take a turn deep throating Kyler's huge dick. After getting their peckers nice and hard the two proceed to fuck like horny animals. Do not miss this incredibly sexy flip fuck scene.

4 - Helix - 8Teenboy - The Boyfriend 1080p.mkv

Full Length: 23 minutes
Models: Jessie Montgomery, Matthew Keading

After a long day on the bike Matthew Keading is finally home and ready for some sexy time with Jessie Montgomery. Even after riding hard all day Matthew shows he's still got the energy to deliver an intimate and exhausting flip-fuck for his boyfriend. All in a day's work for the Velo bike messenger boys as Matthew and Jessie spend the rest of their evening naked and bareback doing what they love most!

5 - Helix - 8Teenboy - Stockroom Fantasy 1080p.mkv

Released: October 27, 2013
Models: Jasper Robinson, Matthew Keading

We've all had a crush on a fellow co-worker hoping to catch them alone at the right time. Jasper Robinson has been eyeing Matthew Keading for a while now. When Matthew is alone restocking DVDs in the back room, Jasper seizes the opportunity to lend a helping hand. Matthew surrenders to Jasper's firm handling and shows how willing to please Jasper by swallowing his thick, shaved cock. Leg up and bent over, Jasper rams it deep in Matthew's hairless hole. Watch the big finish as Jasper is more than happy to clean up Matthew's mess.

6 - Helix - 8Teenboy - The New Kid 1080p.mkv

Full Length: 28 minutes
Models: Evan Parker, Luke Allen, Jessie Montgomery, Father Glenn

The first installment of Helix Academy is finally here, and in the the opening to the series we get introduced to blond bombshell Jessie Montgomery beginning his studies at the Academy and hunky twink Evan Parker showing Jessie the ropes. After a busy first day Jessie lays down for a nap, while Evan invites over hot young schoolboy Luke Allen to have a little fun with. Evan and Luke begin really going at it, waking up Jessie who seems to really enjoy the show. These smooth and sexy boarding school twinks really know how to fuck, don't miss this extremely hot new series.

7 - Helix - 8Teenboy - Jordan's First Explorations 1080p.mkv

Full Length: 23 minutes
Models: Luke Allen, Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas confesses to Luke Allen how bad he wants to get head from a hot gay boy. Luke has no problem with his dirty secret and goes right down on his teen boy buddy. Luke is ready to give Jordan much more that a sloppy blow job, including Jordan's chance to suck Luke's hard dick for himself. There's nothing hotter than two smooth twink boys going down on each other. Then Luke bends over and gives his tight ass up to Jordan. Jordan sure fucks good and hard for his first time and knows all of Luke's favorite positions. Jordan shoots out a thick load on Luke's face then asks Luke to promise to keep their naughty boy encounter secret.

8 - Helix - 8Teenboy - Detention 1080p.mkv

Full Length: 27 minutes
Models: Anderson Lovell, Jessie Montgomery

It's time for another installment of the Helix Academy series, and in Helix Academy 3 horny blond slut Jessie Montgomery and smooth and sexy twink Anderson Lovell finally fuck. Jessie and Anderson have been exchanging looks for a little while now and the sexual tension reaches a boiling point. The scene begins with Jessie trying to uncover the mystery surrounding the school so he asks Anderson but it seems Anderson has a secret of his own. When the boys get detention they try in vein to resist their urges, but end up flip fucking each other. These two sensual twinks suck and fuck like there is no tommorow. You do not want to miss a minute of this hot new series.

9 - Helix - 8Teenboy - Secret Crush 1080p.mkv

Full Length: 23 minutes
Models: Jessie Montgomery, Scotty Clarke

It's after hours at the Academy and although the boys are banned from late night visits, Jessie Montgomery can't bare to spend time apart from his secret crush. The romantic teen slyly climbs through Scotty Clarke's window and the two star-crossed lovers share an intimate kiss. The sweet blond boys don't need to say much before Scotty can't help himself anymore and wraps his lips around his classmate's smooth cock. After getting hot and horny with some ass play, Scotty finally crawls on top of Jessie's thick twink dick for some passionate pounding as the two lovers stare longingly into each others eyes.

10 - Helix - 8Teenboy - The Changing Room 1080p.mkv

Full Length: 22 minutes
Models: Jacob Dixon, Matthew Keading

Who hasn't had a fantasy about the sexy store clerk stepping into the changing room for a quickie? Matthew Keading and Jacob Dixon bring this fantasy to life! While begging for Matthew's honest opinion about underwear Jacob attempts to stuff his huge cock into a skimpy jock strap that can't seem to hold his growing erection. Matthew's mouth waters at the sight and gives Jacob somewhere else to try and stuff his behemoth rod. You will never look at changing rooms the same again after watching this hot bareback scene!
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