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What can I say about this guy except, oh my God  My jaw almost dropped to the floor when he turned up for his interview. Here he was, this well built, beautiful yet slightly rugged guy applying to get naked and jerk off in front of the camera. He is one of those once in a blue moon types that makes doing this so sweet.  But then of course, hey, doing this is really sweet even at the worst of times.

During the interview Joel just wasn't quite sure how far he wanted to go.  He was OK with just being by himself jerking off but wasn't sure about doing anything else. In the car on the way to the shoot I brought up the topic of going that bit further in his shoot, seeing if he had given the idea any more thought.  Luckily he had. His first question was, "who's the one who's gonna be doing it?"
"Me" I replied nervously, "is that OK?"
"Yeah yeah" he said.
"Thank god" I thought, I would've hated to have missed out on the opportunity to go as far as I wanted to in this shoot with this awesome looking guy.

Joel - 27yr old footy playing construction worker. Are there any combination of words that conjure up a hornier image of a straight guy than that? The cool thing about Joel, (apart from his perfectly formed body, rugged version of Dean Kane kinda looks, shapely footy player legs and perky round butt cheeks) is that despite the fact that he has never done anything with a guy before, he was willing to do so on camera. Let's just hope he is willing to go even further in the future. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, check him out in the shower. I have never seen a guy move like he does. Makes ya kinda wonder what he would be like to go a few rounds with in the sack.  :)

seed points welcome if you can :)
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