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Wrestling Jed Jamison & Braden Charron vs Nik Knox & Shayn Layne

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DescriptionJed and Braden have followed a rocky path since that day Brad Rochelle hijacked their BGEast auditions and humiliated both muscle studs in the ring. High school buddies and workout partners, the two hunks certainly have the bodies to fill out skimpy trunks! The opportunity to form a tag team and the chance to get a little revenge for the individual ring humiliations dished out by Shayne Layne and Nik Knox was more than either could resist -- so they packed their beauteous bods into some skimpy all-American style trunks and headed for the ring. And Nik and Shayn were chomping at the bit to take down the muscle hunk BG East fan favorites.

No amount of training or practice can make up for ring experience as a tag team. Layne and Knox have worked together for years, know each other's style, and manage to put their own colossal egos aside for the common cause of total destruction -- just ask Cameron Matthews and Paul Hudson! The diabolical duo also have mowed down everyone they've faced in individual matches, and the chance to wreak even more havoc on Jed and Braden in a tag match was too irresistible for the two to turn down! Lesser mortals might quake with some fear when these two nasties show up at the ring and interrupt the muscleboy's pose-down, but Jed and Braden aren't intimidated -- but without a referee, maybe they should be! Ring the bell, already!It's easy for a wrestler to get over-confident, especially when facing an opponent he's already convincingly beaten the crap out of! But Jed and Braden aren't the wet behind the ears rookies they were when Shayn and Nik first faced them, and then there's that revenge thing they've got working for them too! As Braden and Shayn lock up, Braden's able to use his impressive strength to throw Shayn down not once, not twice but three times! Flustered but not cowed, the savvy ring veteran resorts to what he and nasty Nik do best, double-teaming the young musclestud in their corner! This is where the experience of the two pro heels takes its toll -- lightning quick tags, double teaming, and more than a few dirty tricks keep Braden from tagging his partner! The two heels systematically break Braden down until he is an easy mark and ripe for a nasty submission!

And when Jed climbs in to start the second fall, the heels will have none of it. "No tag," they point out, so battered Braden climbs back through the ropes to endure even more double-teaming before finally managing an escape to tag in his partner! Jed comes in on fire, so angered was he at the blatant and ceaseless abuse heaped on his buddy Braden -- but in his zeal for revenge he gets over-confident and stops thinking -- and walks right into a momentum killing low blow! The heels take Jed to Beatings 101! But summoning all his waning power, Jed pulls out his ace in the hole and justifiably feared brutal bearhug to even the score! A final fall will determine which team leaves in triumph -- their opponents beaten and blaming the other for the loss -- an issue that will undoubtedly need to be settled at a future time!
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