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Andrew Christian Shorts/108428293 NICCO SKY.mp4 45.91 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/108454979 DIRTY LAUNDRY IS BACK!.mp4 61.64 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/[Vimeo-40243062]Waking Up with Jason Medina.mp4 41.90 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/[Vimeo-43268506]Wood in the Woods - Behind the scenes.mp4 44.91 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/[Vimeo-44653451]Jockstrap Cowboys by Andrew Christian.mp4 66.86 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/[Vimeo-44884386]Andrew Christian Booty Camp.mp4 21.20 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/[Vimeo-45533842]LICK by Andrew Christian Behind the Scenes.mp4 27.57 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/[Vimeo-45586285]LICK by Andrew Christian.mp4 62.93 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/[Vimeo-46000653]Jockstrap Cowboys by Andrew Christian Behind The Scenes Part 1.mp4 41.97 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/[Vimeo-46309130]Jockstrap Cowboys by Andrew Christian Behind The Scenes Part 2.mp4 51.56 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/[Vimeo-46449538]Soaked Party.mp4 52.88 MB
Andrew Christian Shorts/[Vimeo-46449600]Soaked Party Interviews.mp4 55.01 MB
[Vimeo-10404813] Borderline - Der Grenzganger (2009).mp4 280.28 MB
[Vimeo-24661223] Homoteens.mp4 291.05 MB
[Vimeo-41979122] HOMOPHOBIA (Short Film).mp4 610.47 MB
[Vimeo-44192456] Megacities New York City The Thief.mp4 25.47 MB
[Vimeo-44331000] Prince and Ekaj.mp4 196.33 MB
[Vimeo-45438139] And Thou Shalt Love.mp4 123.58 MB
[Vimeo-45605673] Kamasutra Gay.mp4 140.65 MB

Borderline - Der Grenzganger (2009)

Benjamin has one wish, he wants to go on a date with Lydia. As soon as he is on the first date with Lydia, everything turns into different direction as he imagined it.

Homoteens (1993)

Five young gays and lesbians in New York City have produced their own vivid autobiographical portraits with the help of videomaker Joan Jubela. Each portrait is unique, and each of these homoteens has a style all their own. Monique talks about her girlfriends and about being a Latina dyke in New York City. Peter, meanwhile, tapes the story of his long-distance relationship with his closeted Canadian athlete boyfriend, Richard. An anonymous 15-year old talks about being hassled in school and shows off his scrapbooks of gay and African-American history. 17-year old community organizer Henry Diaz offers a look at the organization that helped him come out, Youth Force. And Nicky, a 19-year old Afro Carribbean-American lesbian, tells us about her girlfriend, growing up as a Jehovah's Witness and being institutionalized for being a lesbian.

HOMOPHOBIA (2012) FullHD (1080p)

An adolescent boy, who serves the Austrian Military Forces, experiences homosexual feelings towards one of his comrades. It's their last night at the Austrian-Hungarian border, socially isolated and armed with loaded weapons.

Megacities, New York City, The Thief

A professional thief is shown luring people to visit his imagined hookers, and how he cheats money from people. Later he is pretending to sell himself on the street. A gay man picks him up, but once they get to the man's apartment, the thief takes out a knive and robbs the man from all his money. The thief gets high on heroin and explains: "I couldn't make the money I make legitimately, you know what I mean." He sits, sweating, in an apartment. "What's my dream in life?" he asks, but passes out before he gets to answer the question.

And Thou Shalt Love

Ohad, who is studying in the special "Hesder" program for orthodox soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, experiences profound loneliness while he conceals from others that he is gay. After calling a religious hotline for advice, Ohad is convinced that he is "cured". Then Ohad's study partner Nir returns from the army. Ohad finds he can no longer evade the difficult questions, both within himself, and between himself and God.

Prince & Ekaj (2012)

Prince & Ekaj is a story about two gay latino teenagers who are completely different from each other. One is a runaway teenager, and the other is a self-taught street hustler who spends his time wandering the streets of NYC at night looking for ways to make money. They both meet by chance and end up realizing that they depend on one another more than they think in a city that is full of crime, drugs, prostitution, and of course, hope.

Kamasutra Gay (spanish)

Andrew Christian Shorts

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