The Best of Brentwood 1 + 2 (1987) [AVI]

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DescriptionThe Best of Brentwood 1

This all-action collection, highlighting 26 separate episodes in the Matt Sterling Brentwood Studio classics collection, offers a little bit of everything. The segments have been cut down to just the sucking, fucking, or masturbation, with faces and bodies mostly removed from the picture.

From the Ebony Love, a Sony Bono look-alike sucks off a black telephone repairman, a man beats off in bed alone, a dick gets swallowed through a glory hole, and men fuck by a swimming pool.

From Challenger comes segments of toe sucking, foot licking, and blowjobs, as well as an appearance by a youthful Al Parker in his first porn role.

From Mark, a muscular guy jacks off outdoors, and a black motorcycle cop joins a duo on a park bench and fucks much hole.

From Eureka Bound comes three clips of outdoor fuck frolics, involving a farmhand, a hitchhiker, and a pair of long-separated lovers, respectively.

A track team's randy exploits and a guy stroking his dick on a saddle come from Don't Fight It, Kid.

Uniforms, sailors, a YMCA, and a three-way are all part of Seamen.

Also included are two black guys fucking and sucking at a bar, sex on pool tables and pinball machines (Truck Stop), construction workers (Erection Set), two backpackers and a solo in a hammock (Marine Furlough).

The videography is varied because the clips come from different sources, but for the most part the footage holds up well, and it certainly offers a great wealth of cock and ass close-ups.

Directed by Matt Sterling.

Cast:  Al Parker, Bruno, Chuck, Coach Anderson, Don, Jim, Mike, Rusty, Rod

Genre:  Classic, Muscles, Vintage, Anal, Compilation, Pre-Condom


The Best of Brentwood 2

An extremely fast-paced, snippet-style hodge-podge of highlights from three Brentwood directors, J. Brian, Matt Sterling and John Travis.

From Flashbacks, a J. Brian feature, come the sexual exploits of contestants in a neighborhood bar competition for title of “Mr. End Up.” As each underwear-clad entrant is led on stage, he answers a question that leads to an action segment.

From The Winner's Circle, a Matt Sterling film, comes a post-game football team in a circle jerk that leads to an orgy, and a handsome and hunky backpacker who masturbates and autofellates outdoors while hiking.

Four films from John Travis are also showcased. Small Town Boy has cruising in public squares, 69ing with trade, rimming, finger-fucking, three-ways, a voyeur, a solo, and farmhands fucking outdoors. Blue Streak contains poolside sex, jockstraps, three-ways, campfire frolics, van sex, and cum guzzling. Hungry Hole features youthful men, a construction worker, glory hole sex, a bear-type hunk, face fucking, and butthole banging. From Breakdown comes snippets from The Big Parade (San Francisco, 1978), jockstraps, cockrings, acrobatic anal sex, nude horseback riding, three-ways, and leathermen in a sling.

The quick, jump-cut assembly of this feature doesn't allow for any sense of continuity or involvement in the original films, but viewers looking strictly for pre-condom action-action-action will find lots to enjoy.

Directed by J. Brian, Matt Sterling and John Travis.

Genre:  Classic, Muscles, Anal, Compilation, Pre-Condom
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