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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-04-12 |

Sam - Solo, 11/04/2010

I first met Sam about six months ago just outside of Savannah Georgia deep in the South.  I was heading down to check out the local boys and enjoy myself a low country boil.  If you have never had yourself a low country boil, well make sure it is something you do before you die.  Back to more important things like our hot southern boy Sam. 

I stopped to buy some sweet tea had a little shop about 50 miles North of Savannah.  Sam was walking out of the store as I was walking in.  There was something about his face that was really fresh and made me do a double take.  I didn�t hesitate to follow him to his truck and give him my card.  He was a little embarrassed at first but he still managed to engage in a conversation with me.  By the time we were thru, he said that he would give it some thought and let me know.

I could vaguely remember what Sam looked like but I knew that I thought he was hot when I met him.  I remembered him immediately when he walked into the Lake House.  Sam�s boyish face lightly sprinkled with freckles and his shy Southern Charm let me know that this was going to be good.  Sam honestly looked like he had just come from work wearing his size 12 work boots, a pair of baggy jeans and t-shirt. 

He was really nervous at first and I was afraid that he wasn�t gonna be able to do the deed.  Sam�s nervousness went away about as quick as it came and he started to talk and get into it.  Given that he started out shy, imagine our surprise when I told him to take off his pants and he was sporting a raging hard on.  Sam worked his big cock until he sprayed a think load all over his chest and abs.  Man I love the South.

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