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DescriptionFor the ultimate rent boy experience - don't miss Brothel Boys!

The brothel boys are more than just gay for pay. They really love their job, servicing the hungry arses of their Hunky male clients!

It has been a quiet shift for Jackson and he's as randy as fuck when he catches receptionist Ben having a wank, the two guys end up sucking and fucking in the tiny reception booth until the spunk really starts flying!

Straight boy Jae is fed up with his girlfriend refusing to suck him off. He needs some real action so where better than the local brothel? He gets Benjamin to suck him while he smokes, before ramrodding him up the arse in various positions!

Business is quiet for Calvin and Zack, so they use their time to strip naked and suck on each other's cocks. Zack then shoves his large meaty tool up Calvin's arse pumping him until his balls unload their spunky payload!

As brothel boy Matt Brooks finishes his shift, in walks Matt Ritchie ready to start his. Both boys are gagging for it, and Matt B tells Matt R to get his mouth open and take his knob. The locker room becomes a setting for an unplanned but ecstatic fuck scene with both boys pent up and ready to blow.

Finally, handsome Eddie arrives at the brothel and chooses smooth well toned Matt Brooks. He gets to suck and rim and explore the dominant lad's hot defined body before taking his massive cock from behind in a hot ride he will never forget.

CAST:- Matt Brooks, Calvin Cox, Benjamin O'Neil, Zack Andeson, Jackson Kay, Matt Richie, Jae Anderson, Jason Willis
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