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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-07-05 |
49 clips from Gear Action, don't think it's a full site rip but there's plenty to choose from. Some of the clips are already available on this site if you want to download those individually instead.

Young guys in all sorts of fetish gear from sailors, soldiers, hockey players, doctors even some gas masks for some bizarre reason!!

*Staff Notes: Here's the collection:
Clips/Ahoy Mates.mov 120.88 MB
Clips/Assault & Fucking.mov 68.69 MB
Clips/Balls Of Fury.mov 75.34 MB
Clips/Cadets Creaming.mov 70.34 MB
Clips/Caution, Men Working.mov 87.10 MB
Clips/Cowboys & Indians.mov 102.34 MB
Clips/Dick Checkup.mov 70.19 MB
Clips/Doing Hard Time.mov 84.08 MB
Clips/Eight Ball Stud.mov 106.03 MB
Clips/Fireman Rescue.mov 39.80 MB
Clips/Fireman's Cock.mov 83.30 MB
Clips/Flight Stimulator.mov 63.03 MB
Clips/Football Massage Table.mov 64.94 MB
Clips/Foul Ball.mov 53.45 MB
Clips/Gearkakke Orgy.mov 82.65 MB
Clips/Get Me Cockmeat Stat!.mov 51.24 MB
Clips/Goal.mov 96.20 MB
Clips/Happy Ending.mov 73.17 MB
Clips/Hard Day's Work.mov 87.54 MB
Clips/Harness & Hoods.mov 66.80 MB
Clips/He Shoots, He Scores.mov 46.17 MB
Clips/Hockey Vs Baseball.mov 77.64 MB
Clips/Kinky Cockney Twink Craves Jock Cock.mov 99.86 MB
Clips/Lube Job.mov 75.40 MB
Clips/Major League.mov 79.99 MB
Clips/Medical Help.mov 54.85 MB
Clips/Mental Asylum.mov 71.91 MB
Clips/Moto Cock.mov 109.71 MB
Clips/Motocross Cum.mov 75.90 MB
Clips/Off Sides Cock.mov 50.28 MB
Clips/Painter Pounding.mov 100.40 MB
Clips/Pool Romp.mov 71.77 MB
Clips/Post Work Fuck.mov 81.55 MB
Clips/Practice Pound.mov 93.14 MB
Clips/Puck You Buddy.mov 70.29 MB
Clips/Pump That Firehose.mov 68.30 MB
Clips/Ref & Two Players Fuck.mov 72.53 MB
Clips/Revved Up Fuck Buds.mov 79.49 MB
Clips/Roadside Assistance.mov 85.76 MB
Clips/Rough Play.mov 57.16 MB
Clips/Savoring Kyles Privates.mov 71.06 MB
Clips/Snowboarderz.mov 85.32 MB
Clips/Soldier Vs Swimmer.mov 77.39 MB
Clips/Sports Fuck.mov 62.82 MB
Clips/Taking One For The Team.mov 45.10 MB
Clips/The Dickstroke.mov 54.94 MB
Clips/Trooper Fucking.mov 79.33 MB
Clips/We're Gear, We're Queer.mov 45.56 MB
Clips/Who's Your Daddy.mov 64.46 MB
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