♺ Gay wrestling #36-California Knights-Alex Austin Versus David Fontaine

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-08-08 |
These guys are both muscled studs. These guys really throw each other around the ring.
David Fontaine is more muscular and bigger than Alex Austin and picks him up right off of the mat into the air a couple times and just drops him onto the mat. This match contains some of the following.......forearms, elbows, pick-up and carry then drop, camel clutches, a little stomping, a half-surfboard, a standing surfboard I guess it is called, kneeing, victory posing, gutpunching, and at one time David Fontaine places Alex Austin on his stomach over the lower rope of the ring and uses his bare jock foot to push him into the mat, and one small front kick at the beginning, and more. David Fontaine I guess I want to say kind of manhandles Alex Austin. He has more muscle mass and it just seems that way. Like the way he just picks him up and drops him. This is mainly mat wrestling with a lot of body to body contact. Both guys end up glazed with sweat but it must not have been as hot in the gym on that day because they were not dripping with sweat. They both start out wearing speedos and are barefoot but like the California Knights series goes off come the speedos half way through or so and then they wrestle naked. The pictures reflect what is contained in the video and are pulled right off of the video. Vintage. Enjoy.
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