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Cockpit 1 and 2

Cast:  Steve Rambo, Chad Hunt, Brad McGuire, Kurt Wagner, Michael Brandon, Caesar, Joe Kennedy, Jake Summers, Sam Crockett, Mark Bruno, Erik Michaels, Paul Dawson, Tony Acosta, Mike Radcliffe, Sam Burton, Alex Manning, Graham, Tuck Johnson, Jay Paxton, Julian Houston, Eduardo, Raul Tasco, Todd Shore, Dante Foxx, Rick Hollander, Haven Philips, Jack Sanders, Deacon Frost, Jaime, Michelangelo Risi, Jackson Highwood

Director:  Josh Eliot, Brad Austin

Country:  US

Length: 3 hr 16 min

Year: 2000-2003

A.K.A.: Cockpit 2: Survival of the Fittest, Cockpit: Everybody's Going Down!

Studio :  Catalina

The casts are huge, some of the cocks poking about even huger (hello, Mr. Hunt) and the two films together are probably about the best things the much-maligned Catalina Video have put out in recent years. Both are great on their own; together they're terrific.
-Keeneye Reeves

From the press notes, courtesy of Catalina Video:
Cockpit: Everybody's Going Down!:
"Caesar, Joe Kennedy, Jake Summers, Michael Brandon go at it in the mechanics section of the airport; some big ass cocks get serviced. Meanwhile, security officer Mark Bruno spots the group on his hidden camera. Mark pulls his giant cock out and beats off while watching the group.

Sam Crockett and Erik Michaels are loading the luggage into the cargo area of the plane. A bag spills open and sex toys galore cover the floor. The two decide to try them out on each other, with some hot fuck-and-suck action taking place in the bowels of the plane.

Next, Paul Dawson's cock ring has caused the metal detector to go off. So security officer Tony Acosta is forced to take him to the back room to get himself off. Hot flip-flop suck and fuck action. Ahh... the friendly skies...

Once the plane is airborne, the passengers get hungry for some action. Pilot Steve Rambo gets first officer Radcliffe to abandon the cockpit so he can go at it with 1st class flight attendant Sam Burton. Mutual oral service is provided in spades. Alex Manning and Graham decide to join the mile high club by hi-tailing it to the bathroom for some sucking action.

Tuck Johnson leaves his sleeping lover in his seat while he ventures back to the tail end of the plane for some group action with Jay Paxton and Julian Housten. Eventually Graham and Alex Manning exit the bathroom and join in the fun. Hot oral scene.

Co-pilot Mike Radcliffe gets his turn in the cockpit with passenger Eduardo. Mutual oral servicing here. Finally, pilot Steve Rambo gets the charter agent in the rear of the plane, and gets some hard ass pounding in his rear. The scene's incredible insertion and penetration shots make for a very bumpy and humpy flight.

Cockpit: Everybody's Going Down! picks up the climactic, cliff hanging action of the original Cockpit. Even though everyone did go down in Cockpit 2 we’re happy to report that this fit bunch of handsome men all survived! Cockpit 2 tells the amazing story of their journey back to civilization.

Steve Rambo and Chad Hunt form a search party and head out from the cold, twisted wreckage. What they find is each other. Then Brad McGuire finds them. While Rambo and Hunt go at each other, McGuire watches and does a slow solo jerk from the sidelines. McGuire strokes his cock and foreskin, fingers his hole, and shoots his creamy load on his face, which he mostly licks off.

It’s no wonder he was worked up because Rambo and Hunt are magnificent. Who better than Rambo to deep throat Hunt’s monstrous cock? Then Hunt pile drives Rambo’s ass, which culminates in a shower of cum from both guys.

Newcomers Rick Hollander and Haven Philips have a touching scene in a tub of water. Especially when Haven is washing Rick and he touches Rick’s cock. Haven does his best at giving Rick’s extra thick cock a tongue bathing. Good foreskin action. Then Rick fucks Haven’s eager man-hole.

An elite search and rescue team shows up in a helicopter (helicopter alert!). Dante Foxx, Todd Shore and Jaime set up their base camp and then relax for some man-fun. Between the three of them, they all end up sucking lots of search-and-rescue-cock. Then Jaime kneels before the other two to rip his man-load and take the other guys’ loads on his face.

Chad Hunt ends up as the guest, more or less, of Brad McGuire and Kurt Wagner. Hunt sucks McGuire and Wagner. The pair return the favor and do double suck duty on Hunt’s monstrous cock. Wagner is the lucky fuckee, and Hunt drills and fills Wagner’s ass with fervor. Hunt jacks his load onto McGuire’s shaved head in a visually stunning climax.

Back at the cold, twisted wreckage, some of the fittest survivors figure out how to heat things up. Deacon Frost starts the warm-up by going down on Jack Sanders’ cock and balls. Raul Tasco joins and the three get real warm sucking cock. Michelangelo Risi joins for more oral warming. Then things really heat up with a sandwich fuck with Sanders in the middle fucking Deacon, while Tasco fucks Sanders. Good underneath sandwich-fuck-camera-action. The sizzling cum shots fly when Tasco is seated and the other three jack their man-goo onto his hairy chest.

By this point, leading man Steve Rambo has contacted the search and rescue party. The helicopter shows up to whisk Rambo and his other fit survivors away from the cold, twisted wreckage and back to civilization.

In a word, bravo! Director Brad Austin has delivered a stunning climax to his original cliffhanger. Cockpit 2: Survival of the Fittest features fourteen hard-action men in a tremendous story with incredible action. And, of course, we loved the helicopter!"

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