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DescriptionMuscle worship website MUSCLEMATT  huge pack - >27GB

About MuscleMatt Matt Cassidy:
"I am obsessed with showing off my big low hanging balls and my massive loads. If any of you have bought my DVDs you have seen first hand the volume and distance of my cumshots. I always get asked how did I know that my shots were unique and when did I know. Also, how I got started making my DVDs.
Well I knew I had something special when I was fucking this girl I was dating in college, this is about 6 years ago. I was pounding her, no condom and I pulled out and came straight over her head, all over her tits and blew a pop off into her eye. All she said was “God damn Matt!” She said she never saw a guy cum like that. I never paid much attention until I blew a load for a guy for the first time.
Here is what happened. I was training for my physical exam to take the fireman’s test and I was training pretty hard, dieting, ripping up all that. The volunteer Emergency Medical squad I was working for was doing a charity calendar where the sales were going to go to a fund for fire fighters from 911. They asked me to be one of the guys.
I met with the photographer and did a few shots at the firehouse, a park, some NYC landmarks and we were done with the charity work. The photographer was getting paid anyway so he wanted to take some artistic photos, black and whites, semi-nude.
I was open to it. While shooting I did some shots on a bed, nude but with the covers over me, then behind a screen, in a towel etc. But in between shots I had to dress and undress, the photographer grabbed a few nude shots and showed me, he said I look awesome nude and asked if I wanted to take a few more.
While doing a few extra shots, I was getting off on his compliments. He commented on my balls, and my dick. Being the cocky show off I am now known to be I was into it, the setting was right, he was cool and laid back and I had not had sex in a week or more. This photographer was obviously gay, and made no apologies for it.
During the shoot he had me stand on a ladder and do some nude flexing and posing I was so getting off on it I popped a massive fucking boner. I can tell this story today because I am now so comfortable in front of a camera after all the shoots I have done for my website, but before I never told this story to anyone but my buddy Carlo (also on the site).
So while standing there ripped, shredded, all pumped and starting to sweat from the lights I was sporting my trade-mark 8 inch hard on. The photographer put down his camera and said “Matt, do you realize how fucking beautiful you are? I really didn’t know how to respond, so like a nervous ass I apologized for being so fucking horny. He laughed and said, “it happens all the time with studs like you”.
My heart was pounding, my pits were sweating I could smell myself. Then he said, “You can cum if you want, I won’t film it”. I said, if I cum I will make a fucking mess of your floor, I am a power shooter”. I just began stroking my dick all along thinking, “ I can’t believe I am doing this, this is so gay”. But while I was stroking my dick was HUGE, the photographer kept saying “absolutely beautiful” over and over, it was getting me off. Then I could feel it coming…. Or feel me getting ready to cum, I just called out, “Watch out dude I am going to cum. Bam, bam, bam, bam cum was spitting all over it looked like milk. I think this was the most I had cum in a long time so I must have been really turned on by the new experience or just really fucking horny. Cum was everywhere, all over the floor in puddles, on the ladder, even on the legs of the light stand near by.
All the photographer did was say, “Oh My God Matt! What the fuck was that?” He said with a face, a body, a dick and a load like that you should do porn!
I got some paper towels, lots of them, cleaned up and left. It was about 6 months later that I finally told my buddy Carlo who said, “Dude, let me shoot you, film you, if you get off on that let’s do it I just won’t shoot your face”.
That is when I first knew I was for sure a big shooter; if another dude especially one that was a professional photographer who had seen it all was impressed.
So it was my need for some cash, and my buddy Carlo who encouraged me to eventually put it on film and launch 5 years later and huge fan base following later who are amazed by me cum shots, I am still getting off showing it off. I will be posting other stories, first time muscle worship, some private things not filmed or seen on the site. Email me if you like the stories. "

#1 Matt Classic Matt's Premiere, Home Alone With Matt.avi 183.98 MB
#24 Scene 1 Milking Matt Billy's Audition Tape.avi 36.61 MB
#53 Christmas Wish 2009, Matt Gives and Adam Receives.flv 253.32 MB
#97 Matt Pounds Dominick.flv 560.23 MB
56 Cock Sucker Academy 1, Scott's Private Lesson With Carlo.avi 609.79 MB
62 Cock Sucker Academy 2, Pete's Private Lesson With Carlo.mp4 475.55 MB
78 Cock Sucker Academy 3, Jason's Private Lesson With Carlo.flv 668.11 MB
A Ride in the Boss's Limo DVD#20.mp4 450.91 MB
A Soldier Salutes DVD#38.mp4 285.12 MB
Adam - Garage Stroke DVD#34.mp4 241.44 MB
Adam Worshipped Seduced DVD#37.mp4 384.90 MB
Billy Services Greg DVD#27.mp4 260.01 MB
Crash!! - Uncut Chris Slams Billy DVD#29.mp4 383.20 MB
Drenching Jason DVD#19.mp4 362.07 MB
dvd#75 Boss Pounds Chez A Night to Remember.flv 428.90 MB
DVD78 Cock Sucker Academy # 3 Jason's Private Lesson With The Boss.flv 668.11 MB
FLV68_FLV.flv 533.23 MB
FLV73-2_FLV.flv 67.67 MB
Jersey Muscle - Nick & Jeff DVD#26.mp4 258.66 MB
Kyle- The Muscle Mafia Nude Photo Shoot Jeep Teaser - XTube Porn Video - the-muscle-mafia_2.MP4 10.88 MB
Matt #19 (1).wmv 12.67 MB
Matt #20 (1).wmv 7.72 MB
Matt #20 (2).wmv 18.14 MB
Matt 11 (1).wmv 4.46 MB
Matt 14 (1).wmv 3.59 MB
Matt 14 (2).wmv 3.28 MB
Matt Worshipped & Seduced DVD#11.mp4 284.96 MB
Muscle Matt #58 - Brad Pounds Billy - Twice!.wmv 230.45 MB
Muscle Matt #85 - Mind Fuck, Carlo Claims 535.59 MB
Muscle Matt #98 Black Out Blow Job, Brad Feeds Keith - 346.39 MB
Muscle Matt - #84 Matt and Adam Summer Fuck.flv 370.93 MB
Muscle Matt - DVD#09 - Double Trouble Matt and Carlo.wmv 181.74 MB
Muscle Matt - DVD#11 - Worshiped and Seduced.wmv 360.68 MB
Muscle Matt - The Night Boss Claimed Anthony.mp4 522.98 MB
Muscle Matt 22 Athletes Feet Part 2.mp4 308.10 MB
Muscle Matt Derek Atlas.flv 166.79 MB
Muscle Matt DVD 19 Massage.avi 142.62 MB
Muscle Matt DVD16 Scene1.mp4 128.85 MB dvd 32 Nick Worshipped and Seduced.avi 353.76 MB
MuscleMatt #57 Brad.mkv 3.42 GB
MuscleMatt - #50 adam.avi 1.17 GB
MuscleMatt - DVD 16.avi 138.81 MB
MuscleMatt - Escalade Escapade.avi 342.61 MB
MuscleMatt - Matt Slams Billy 78.81 MB
MuscleMatt - Workout and Shower with Matt.avi 281.76 MB
musclematt 68.mp4 127.02 MB
musclematt 76 kyle worshiped and seduced. first time.flv 524.38 MB
MuscleMatt 90 Kyle Edged and Milked by the Boss.mp4 360.93 MB
MuscleMatt 92 - Christmas Switch - Brad Using and Abusing Cal.mp4 512.76 MB
MuscleMatt 93 - Game Changer 2 Pump and Dump Carlo Fucks 501.26 MB
Musclematt DVD #49 chris.avi 296.50 MB
MuscleMatt DVD-23 - Matt Slams Billy.mp4 247.37 MB
MuscleMatt DVD1 At Home With Matt.mp4 289.05 MB
MuscleMatt DVD28 The Boss Total Alpha Male/MuscleMatt DVD28 The Boss Total Alpha Male 1.mp4 221.06 MB
MuscleMatt DVD28 The Boss Total Alpha Male/MuscleMatt DVD28 The Boss Total Alpha Male 2.mp4 226.48 MB
MuscleMatt DVD28 The Boss Total Alpha Male/MuscleMatt-28-part-3.mp4 226.66 MB
MuscleMatt DVD28 The Boss Total Alpha Male/MuscleMatt-28-part-4.mp4 197.25 MB
MuscleMatt DVD38 A Soldier Salutes Matt.wmv 114.02 MB
MuscleMatt DVD56 Cock Sucker Academy.avi 609.79 MB
musclematt joey also Neil AAG.flv 10.90 MB
musclematt kyle jay amato.mp4 1.18 MB - Switch! Kyle.mp4 3.16 GB
MusclemMatt dvd_30.mp4 368.16 MB
Muscle_Matt__23_-_Matt___Billy_HomeCinema.avi 254.58 MB 3am feeding adam.avi 248.77 MB
Nick Worshipped & Seduced DVD#32.mp4 243.59 MB
Nick's Premiere Solo DVD#31.mp4 224.86 MB
[Muscle Matt] # 79 Christmas Wish 2012 Kyle.mp4 858.90 MB
[Muscle Matt] # 80 - Speechless- David Gets 2 Matt Loads.flv 350.72 MB
[Muscle Matt] DVD #63 {Christmas Wish 2010} Pete gets pounded adam.wmv 277.85 MB
[MuscleMatt] #87 Grandma's House Part 1 Carlo Using & Abusing 348.84 MB
[MuscleMatt] #88 Grandma's House Part 2 Brad Tears Greg Up - Angry 576.35 MB

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