♺ Studio 2000 - West Hollywood Hope (1998) DVD

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Clay Maverick
Dean Spencer
Gregg Arlen
Jeff White
Joey Hart
Kristian Brooks
Mark Slade
Ricky Starr (bb)
Tommy Cruise

STUDIO 2000 is on a great run-a run on big dicks on hot men. First there was super sized Chris Steele-the new hard throb of every healthy gay young man in America. Then came the awesome giant-sized Tony Donovan-studpuppy for the 21st Century. And this month's star is as special as they come-and come he does! Who is this phenomenon? If you guessed Mark Slade, you got it right. This 6'3" blond Man from Mars with that nine inch thick cock has made the switch from straight to gay and he belongs to STUDIO 2000 exclusively. If you watch the straight stuff, you know him as Frank Towers. We gave you a little tease on Mark last spring when he did a jack-off scene in Billy 2000. After due consideration, Mark decided that he would rather be on our side than on theirs so we proudly, excitedly, and sweatily introduce the guy who we think you may want to make America's next big superstar, Mark Slade.

STUDIO 2000 has surrounded Mark with a super cast including Joey Hart (who we congratulate for his awards this year), Jeff White (back in top form after his very scary accident just over a year ago), Kristian Brooks (our lovable Hitchhiker and one of the most popular performers in the industry today), Clay Maverick (our sleek, smooth exclusive, with the kind of attitude that marks him as the James Bond of the Adult Industry), Tommy Cruise (the ultimate bottom of any top's wettest dreams), Ricky Starr (a deceptive name for someone who is all man and a yard-wide hung, built and totally masculine but gentle as can be), our own Gregg Arlen (part studpup and part just plain stud with a sly, mischievous glimmer), and Dean Spencer (one of England's finest and a perfect addition to our cast) in a smart and funny release, West Hollywood Hope-a tale of doctors, dicks and dildos; endowments, emergencies and examinations; insurances, interns and insertions; pricks, prostates and probes; and plenty of cocksucking, ass-eating, finger-fucking with a dash of tenderness thrown in here and there.

West Hollywood Hope is under close scrutiny by Leon Pettybone (Jason Nikas) for what he suspects is excessive insurance claims and unnecessary procedures. Chief of Operations, Dr. Herbert Schwanz (Clay Maverick), protests that the hospital is a very well-endowed facility catering to the specific and urgent medical needs of their community. The hospital maintains its level of support with a polished staff of dedicated professionals who go to extraordinary lengths and always make certain that the patients come first. And we soon discover that the good doctor knows just what he is talking about.

Joey Hart is in the emergency room for the third time. It seems he has "episodic constriction7of his prostate which creates severe anal tension. Intern Dean Spencer gives the problem everything he's got-his powerful muscles work various dildos, digits and a very large dick before he is able to relieve his patient's distress. And follow-up treatment will certainly be a serious consideration.

Inpatient Jeff White awakens weak and bandaged having narrowly escaped death in a terrible car accident. Internist Gregg Arlen employs his best bedside manner to reassure the frightened young man. Jeff bemoans all the things that he has missed in his fife to date? including sex. Arlen takes pity on the young virgin as he attempts to relieve his stress and tension with a warm sponge bath, loving cocksucking, rousing sixty-nining and a ride on White's straight up stiff poker--all without Jeff ever having to move. Gregg is total dedication and Jeff looks forward to a long and happy hospital stay.

A couple of interns-Mark Slade and Kristian Brooks-completely exhausted after another punishing 48 hour shift---are in bad need of relaxation and rest. Kristian quickly drifts off to sleep as Mark gives him a massage. But Mark isn't quite finished. He needs relaxation before his rest. So the big hunk goes exploring his buddy's lean, tight physique with some sucking, some rimming and some heated fucking with his big giant of a dick pounding into the depths of Kristian's juicy asshole. Mark shoots a big, powerful load and Kristian gushers in his sleep.

Back in Schwartz' office Pettybone's threats of an investigation are overruled by a Code Pink emergency in the R. Hudson Conference Room. Clay Maverick and Gregg Arlen dash off to the their conference with Tommy Cruise and Ricky Starr where the four explore some medical practices undreamed of in your books. Almost every combination is tried, explored and enjoyed. These experts certainly practice what they practice.

Meanwhile Pettybone has poked his head into the R. Hudson Room to observe. When the practitioners come to their awesome climactic explosions, Pettybone passes out and hits the floor. He awakens to find a bemused Dr. Schwanz standing over his hospital gurney. Pettybone has canceled the proposed Advisory Board hearing and decided to check into West Hollywood Hope for a thorough examination. After all, he isn't getting any younger...

Everyone deserves the best health care possible. May we suggest West Hollywood Hope. It's good for what ails you. And Mark Slade is just the medicine we all need. After all, West Hollywood Hope is the place where the patient always comes first-that is, first after you, of course.

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