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Eager students and apprentices drop their pants and show off their glorious hard-ons! The Youngsterz play with themselves, showing their tight little holes and fat cocks - no matter if its outside, in the attic, or in the auto repair shop. As the camera rolls, Norman shoves a gigantic cucumber in his hole then shoots his load. Basti has it even better: he gets a hot meat injection on the bar, courtesy of the bartender! Oscar comes home from school and is so horny that he has to rub one out before he can start studying again. 17 different street punks race to spritzz their loads on BERLIN YOUNGSTERZ; in addition there are 2 mesmerizing fucking scenes as well as intimate interviews.


Second volume of spritzz's "Best of BerlinMale" series - and further evidence that the German capital is the place to be if you're on the lookout for fit guys with hot cocks! Street punks, craftsmen, bikers and men in suits - here they all have one thing in common: smoking hot, monster hard-ons eagerly on display in king-size format.

Fans of bikers in leather will be richly rewarded in the scene featuring the stunning Andreas, who pulls up along the wayside to tweak his tits only to be interrupted by Goran, a young voyeur who gets all his holes stretched as a reward; Sunny massages his 22x7cm straight-boy meat pole at the gym; Marcel simply is chatted up on the street for sex, and the other boys work their rods until they spritzz their juice. In addition you will find some intense sex interviews with the models.

When Lukas (36) gets horny, he looks at pictures of gorgeous guys on the internet. Then he pulls out his huge pestle and grinds away 'til his juice spurts all over his body.

The blonde Victor (24) exercises his toughened body every day and pounds everything he can get his juicy joint into.

When biker Andreas (27) wears his tight-fitting biker's outfit to go on the pull, he doesn't wear any under wear (how practical?!). When he meets the buff Goran (24) on a cruising trip, they rapidly get down to it. First Goran has to moisten Andreas' pierced XL-sized piston with his mouth, then his bubble butt gets rammed with it. This scene is a real treat, as the pair suck and fuck like there's no tomorrow.

For Fernando (29) being an exchange broker is such a hard job that, every so often, he needs to use his hands to relax. With great pleasure he massages his cock until he comes and sprays his sap all over his wiry body.

Benjamin (21) is a cool, young skater boy, whose 21cm gun should be classified as a lethal weapon. In the right hands it can shoot for miles.

Jens (29) and Felix (24) are two cute "boys next door" with huge XL sized torches that are made to burn daily in their fuck sessions. Jens likes to bend and take Felix's hard 22cm up his hole.

Who doesn't dream of an attractive well-endowed man like Silvio? Once he gets his dick out for you, your wildest and darkest fantasies will come true.

Hector is Russian and a real beauty - muscles that are as hard as steel, a mouth that can take anything and a heavy duty mallet in his pants. Hector gets really horny when working out and often has to go and rub his 22cm tool until it shoots his load everywhere.

All David (37) really wants is a relaxing back massage. However, masseur Joshua (36) suprises his customer with a massage of a very different kind. After a bit of fondling, this massage suddenly turns into the kind of sweaty session we all dream of....

Timo is slim and endowed with a massive 22 x 5 cm mallet that brings willing boys come close to their limits. That's why the 24 year-old loves to ram his hard tool into willing holes. But a mouthful of great lolly is, more than likely, just as much fun.

Jürgen (33) is a handyman from Hamburg, who has moved his business to Berlin. Especially for our viewing pleasure, he shows us what he can do with his thick tool!

Berlin is full of studs like Alex (31) that are gagging for it and willing mares like Marcel (26) that have a willing hole to fill. There's no time a-wasting as they fuck and blow so hard and long until at the end they both cum hot and hard.

Björn (24) sometimes just needs to be filled up... When he can't find a hard stud to fuck his brains out, he just slides a candle into his narrow candle holder and gets so turned on that he screams the place down in delight.

When Sunny smiles into the camera and shows off his flawless body, he makes everyone of us melt. But the "King of our dreams" has another asset he'd like to share - his XXL sceptre that's guaranteed to leave you gasping.

In Berlin's numerous sex clubs, horny men meet to shag the night away. Jens (29) is looking for something large to stuff his hungry hole.

Once the masked Tarkan (25) walks by, he anticipates an anonymous quickie. However, when Gustavo (25) joins in, the three of them get into a mindblowing session that has all of their rods throbbing and buckets of juice being sprayed everywhere.


Skaterboy Jan is so tasty you couldn't wish for anything better: a handsome face, a sexy, well-defined body and good-sized cock, out of which the cum just simply flows.

Not only does Duane drive a big fat American ride, but he is also especially generously well-endowed in the trouser department. See how he brings his massive knob to the point of exploding.

Christoph and Juergen have only been together for a short time and are still fucking until the walls shake. But this time it really gets steamy: Christoph's horny flatmate Leo suddenly turns up and a one-on-one fuck turns into a sweaty orgy with 3 equally horny lads.

Soccer fan Andreas Stich is visiting Berlin again. This time he appears in cool sports gear and then gets his large pierced cock head worked on in the park.

At first glance Kai seems to be a bit shy, but in his bedroom he shows us what he's got. His delicious body, thick cock and tight hole are waiting for you!

Hector and Vincent are two constantly horny hetro lads who are going to do something particularly special: have a date with a blow-up super pussy! Be there when the two lads stuff every hole in the doll with their juicy XL cocks until the cum overflows.

Those who run into the mega-tasty Rick Belour will have their pants explode straight away. And this time things really get hot: Rick covers himself from top to toe in whipped cream until finally his young cock just simply spurts out its load.

Justin is a sporty boy who has absolutely no hang-ups. Even in the wintery city park he gets his stiff cock out and shows us how you can have a lot of fun just by yourself.

Christoph is an ordinary business guy who loves to work his tool during lunch break.

Darian Hawke is new in Berlin and is therefore highly-prized fresh meat. The capital's citizens can hardly wait to get their hands on his sexy body and rock-hard cock.

A hot summer's day in Berlin: Ricardo and Alex get to know each other at the bus stop and they go straight home for a sweaty fucking session. Ricardo really gives it to Alex. Just watching it is a real pleasure!

A man in his best years can be damned attractive, above all when he has something decent-sized between his legs. Lucas proves this in a very exciting way - all the way till the juicy climax.

We just got talking to Andy on the street. This natural, friendly man is up for any type of fun...

Mo is actually from Rotterdam and is a cool, alternative bi guy. In this hot underground clip he shows us his tattooed body, plays with his sneakers and delivers a decent load at the end.


Also in this sixth part of the amazing series hot guys from Berlin strip in front of the camera, a real cock parade of lust and hot fuck scenes.
Nike is an ever horny breakdance gal from Berlin, when is not practicing on his new dance steps or training at the gym, he lets his baggy trousers down for the joy of all the fans.
In the kitchen, Nik eats a banana while jerking off his huge cock till he finally comes. As the blond Darian Hawkes hard cock shows out of his trouser, Marcel Schlutt, the photographer has only one thing in mind, filling all his body wholes with this fat dick of Darian.
Both of them really know hot to fuck and get fucked. New faces, that for the first time jerk off in front of the camera together with experienced guys that will show off their exhibitionist side. Jung und Dauergeil is the best compilation about Berlin guys in the market, just what young guy lovers are looking for.


More of the best solo and hardcore sex scenes that Spritzz has ever been produced, together at one time! Action-packed with smoking hot twinks, toned studs with meaty monster cocks and nonstop hardcore fucking, each of the EIGHT scenes offers something different for everyone! Join Jaden Idol, Brice Farmer, Phil Reflex and more for this explosive collection!


Spritzz Studios brings you Young Cocks Hard & Juicy, the ninth volume of their Best of Berlin Male series. We've got twenty one sexy guys ready for action, either by themselves, with a friend, or in Kallum's case, a juicy watermelon! Wait till the end, when Rick Belour and Justin Beeker's friendly game of strip poker quickly turns into a streamy fuck fest. There's something (or someone!) for everyone in this series, so don't miss it!
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