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Adam S.
Adam showed no nerves at all. Indeed he couldn't wait to get his scally kit off. He was wearing navy trackie bottoms, Nike t-shirt and Mackenzie baseball cap - but not for long! Adam was soon feeling his body all over and showing off his fit stomach. He is one of those lucky lads who has a six-pack without doing any work-outs! Soon his trackie bottoms were pulled down and he played with his cock in his boxers for a bit. Then we see it in all its 8-inch uncut glory! Adam proceeded to stroke this thick piece of meat for a while as he watched a porno at the same time! He stood up and we got some nice shots from underneath of his cock and ass. Rather than have a shower after the shoot Adam was up for being filmed taking a shower. He soaped up and rubbed down with his cock getting special attention as he lathered it up and continued wanking off. He also turned around to reveal his nice pert peachy bum and played around a bit with it too. Finally after towelling down, Adam returned to the sofa and continued rubbing his still erect dick a further few minutes before he could contain himself no more and shot his cum load over his stomach. A horny end to Adam's first solo shoot - the first of many I expect!

Danny E. & Brian
I know this straight scally lad is popular with loads of you and we managed set up a duo for him. He came down from Nottingham to meet up with Brian from London. Now as a straight lad there were a few ground rules with Danny, as he doesn't kiss or suck cock, however he doesn't mind being sucked off and he can fuck ass hard! So we started with the lads on the sofa just watching some straight porn and getting off on it. There was some mutual wanking and then Brian got down on Danny and started sucking his hard 7" dick. Danny was unfazed and just carried on drinking beer and smoking a fag! Then Brian was ready to get his ass pummelled. First he knelt over the armrest of the sofa and was taken hard from behind. Then he lay on his side and was spooned. Finally he stood up against the wall and was well and truly shafted from behind again. He loved being fucked by this straight chav boy! The lads returned to the sofa to wank off further whilst watching more porn. Danny was the first to shoot, spurting all over Brian's face and into his mouth as Brian lapped it up, with a large dollop of gooey cum resting just below his lip! Soon after Brian also shot his load over his chest and groin.

Like his boyfriend Jayden, Jordan lives in Leicester. He had just moved into a pretty rundown flat and the only place we could do the shoot was his bedroom. Most of his scally gear was dirty so, in the end he just threw on some grey Nike Max jogging pants and hooded top.With his slim smooth toned body Jordan was keen to get his kit off to show it off and I had to remind him that you guys like to see the lads in their scally gear as well as out of it! Sit back and enjoy as Jordan plays up to the camera as he wanks off, fingers his super smooth shaved arse and then uses a toy to fuck himself senseless. Nice one mate!

Josh D.
Josh is another new lad to the world of gay porn! This genuine bi-sexual scally rudeboi lives near Manchester and came down to the shoot whilst I was working up near there. Josh has a slim toned body even though he said he eats loads and never goes to the gym - lucky lad! With his cropped hair, smooth chiselled face and piercing blue eyes Josh looked fantastic during the shoot and I'm sure you will enjoy him performing and showing off his body to you! Josh wore a Timberland t-shirt, a Rockport rain jacket, blue Adidas trackie bottoms, white Adidas cap and Reebok Classic trainers. He looked well-chavvy!! He started off by playing with himself in all his scally gear. Slowly items of clothing came off to reveal that smooth toned body and a gorgeous big 8-inch dick. Some horny wanking followed, before he turned over to show us his cute, peachy ass which, despite being a 100% top lad, he gently opened up and fingered for us. Then some more wanking followed, whilst he knocked back some lager. Josh then took off his trainers and socks and gave them a good old sniffing, but not before he had rubbed them up against his cock to get some pre-cum and cock smells on them! After some more wanking off, Josh then shot a large amount of cum all over his chest and body in a number of squirts, before taking some of it in his fingers and tasting it. All very horny and great shoot, especially considering he is pretty inexperienced. Definitely want Josh back for a duo shoot soon!
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