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DescriptionW&L is REAL submission wrestling. It's not planned out. The men, who are of all different body types, sweat, groan, strain, and struggle. The winner usually gloats and the loser swallows his pride. On occasion a man will hold a submission a bit too long, just to show dominance. It's fantastic.

I prefer these vids to a lot of the gay wrestling fetish sites out there. The men have small shorts or tights on--and it's a real competition. It has a time limit, so the men often have multiple submissions during a match. I find this extremely hot.

I uploaded my entire collection--so if you like it, reseed what you decide to download (because this collection requires some heavy lifting).

If you don't want to take up that much hard drive space, just deselect the files you don't want. I would suggest you download matches with the following men: Damien, Pascal, and Valentin. Damien is cocky, young, smooth, and prideful. Pascal is a heavier guy, a bear, with nice arms and a great ass. Valentin is just a pleasure to watch. He rarely loses and looks damn good winning.

By its very nature submission wrestling is something I find very sexy. This doesn't have sex in it, but the men are so cocky and want to win so badly that it becomes a matter of pride--and what results is great, sexy, sweaty fun.

Also, if you want a villain, Christophe 1 (there were two wrestlers with the same name, so he got a number) is great  fun to watch. Damien v. Fabrice and the rematch of Damien v. Fabrice are favorites of mine. Benoit v. Damien is great--and Benoit holds on to moves a bit too long, forcing Damien to scream a submission or two!

Give this a shot! It's excellent viewing!
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