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Falcon - FVP129 - No Way Out - 1999 avi

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85 minutes
Falcon Video FVP-129
Directed by John Rutherford

Starring: Billy Brandt, Jeff Palmer, Travis Wade, Colby Taylor, Anthony Lafont, Jeremy Jordan, Sebastian Gronoff, Cameron Fox, Karl Tenner, Matt Skyler, Michel Mattel, Kevin Pearce

Synopsis by Keeneye Reeves:

This John Rutherford-helmed Falcon smash features stars Billy Brandt at his most beautiful and Jeff Palmer at his most ferocious.
Review #1 by T.J. Maxxwell:
Hell's bells! This sizzling smut-athon has more tricks up its sleeve than a prestidigitator!
The film begins with the abduction of a horde of gayboys and their relocation to a sinister mountain retreat. As the music plays a menacing refrain, the boys are informed by Wade, their Southern-drawled master, "Welcome to our villa!" Let's face it, a villa can only be so threatening. Anyway, Wade goes on to explain his sexual obsessions, which are then acted out by the boys and their masters. First we see blonde Jordan being forced to chomp on Fox's massive gherkin amidst a profusion of dirty talk and close-ups of Jordan's yawning pooper betwixt penetrations.

The "Obsession" sequence is simply amazing. Palmer, clad in uniform and butch with a vengeance, makes young Skyler (winner of the film’s "best butthole" competition) do his perverse bidding while barking out orders in his heavily accented tongue.

If you enjoy saliva, look out - Palmer spits more times than a rabid llama. At one point, he even defies the laws of biology by peeing with a raging hard-on! His gently arcing golden fountain is caught in a pot held by Skyler, who is forced to inhale the pee's intoxicating aroma. Add in aerobic buttslamming, bootlicking, candle wax and a goopy facial and you've got one hot tamale of a scene.

In the next segment, "Domination," another flaxen-haired lovely is forced to service four well-hung hotties at once. Before you know it, a frenzied five-way breaks out, and Blondie ends up glazed in creamy spooge. Next, we have the "Obligation" scene. Here, "straight" best friends Brandt and Mattel are forced to perform sodomy in front of their masters before dumping their jit into a glass. In "Compensation," a massive orgy breaks out, with tongues, fingers and cocks flying hither and thither. The highlight of the scene is the "two for one" deal, where a ripe butt-cherry is slammed by not one, but two pulsing prongs!

Everything about the film is first class: from lighting and camerawork to the overall excitement level. It's also one of the only times in a gay adult film you'll ever hear a penis referred to as a "penis." No Way Out is not recommended for those who like older guys or body hair: it's wrinkle-free faces and pink, waxed boyflesh all the way here (except Gronoff, who sports a fuzzy pelt).

The DVD features the much-ballyhooed Billy Brandt bottoming sequence, shown in its entirety without edits or music. (The full scene appears on both the retail version as well as on the Director's Cut.) While not groundbreaking cinematically, it's a cock-throbbing turn-on to see the lithe Jeremy Jordan prodding and pounding his way into fellow-blonde Billy's unchartered regions. Billy moans and squeals throughout; if you're a fan it's a must-see.

No Way Out is top-notch premium porn at a price the common jerking man can afford. It's one of the studio's all-time best; get it!

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Review #2 (uncredited):

BESTSELLER! Outstanding effort from Falcon, with hottie Billy Brandt in the lead.

Five stunningly handsome young men are "kidnapped" by a group of equally gorgeous captors and taken to a beautiful house in the country, where they are forced to have sex with each other in this release from Falcon Studios. There may be no way out for these guys, but it doesn't really seem that they want to go anywhere, either.

And who can blame them? Though the sex may be a bit degrading (well, not really), the men certainly are not at all repulsive. The ringleader of the group, smoothly handsome, Travis Wade, with his almost presidential Texas drawl, instigates the action with his remembrances of sex, both as a witness and participant. Wade also performs in the finale scene, wielding his bigger than average cock well.

Wade's stories lead to different titled segments in which the captives have to re-enact his memories. In "Obsession", uncut hottie, Jeff Palmer impressively controls his charge (blonde studpup, Matt Skyler), barking orders and changing directions so fast that the boy never really has time to react before Palmer's libido has moved on to the next thing. It's a standout scene for the two, with Palmer using Skyler's ass in every way possible by forcing his rock hard cock (which never flags, not even for an instant) into his hole, pulling out abruptly, and plunging in again, to Skyler's incessant whimpers. The heat created by Palmer and Skyler is palpable every second. By the time Palmer is ready to shoot, he has built up a huge reservoir of cum, which coats Skyler's face in hard jets.

Though the cast is made up of Falcon stars and soon-to-be-stars, the standout here is blonde hunk, Billy Brandt, with his perfectly smooth muscles, full, sensuous lips and startlingly blue eyes. Brandt appears in almost every scene, and is also included in a DVD extra in a sex scene from the "Falcon Vault" with the cute and lithe blond, Jeremy Jordan. There's no soundtrack, just the live sound that happened as the scene was filmed, and it's almost better for it. This is thanks mostly to the absolutely animal cries Brandt makes as Jordan rims his hairless asshole and then (for the first time) gets fucked on camera. It is this kind of bonus that makes buying a DVD worthwhile. And though there are no cumshots and the action is raw, it's exactly the kind of extra fans want.

In Brandt's other two scenes, a two-way poolside with brunette bottom, Michel Mattel, and the orgy finale, he shows what has made him such an icon in gay porn - his angelic face belies his animal intensity when engaged in sex. With Mattel, he lies back and lets the bottom do all the work, bouncing up and down on Brandt's very thick dick, as Brandt moans and makes his trademark squeals of delight as he plunges into Mattel's ass.

As for the rest of the cast, they perform equally well. Particularly interesting are stunning blonde muscle-stud, Karl Tenner, whose bubble butt takes on several co-stars' dicks with pleasure, and studly Eurohunk, Sebastian Gronoff (whose hairy chest alone makes him a standout in the cast) who has a massive, uncut dick and is versatile by fucking or getting fucked with ease. There's also boyish, very well hung, Cameron Fox, who takes advantage of twink Jeremy Jordan's perfect little butt in the first scene.

The finale orgy scene is so well-directed, photographed and edited that it's almost too perfect. At no time is any performer seen idle or with a limp dick. The energy and eagerness between the studs is extremely erotic and brought to a fever pitch by director John Rutherford. When the hunks start shooting, the cumshots are in "rat-a-tat" style, one right after the other.

Photography and sound are excellent and up to Falcon's usual high standard. Rutherford's inventive and even-handed direction is expert. As for the cast, there's not a clunker in the bunch because every stud is a star performer in his own right and gets a chance to shine. "No Way Out" is destined to become a Falcon classic.
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