Colin steele inseminates Joey Milano

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DescriptionJoey is one of those guys who's perfectly proportioned with broad shoulders, muscular thighs, great abs and to top it all off, really handsome. He and Colin are old friends -- you can tell this isn't the first time they've fucked -- and they know what really turns each other on. They start out alternating between wrestling and kissing, and the big smile on Joey's face gives away how much fun he's having being manhandled by Colin, an even bigger man who can just pick up and move anything in his way. Colin flips Joey around and pushes him down to his knees, telling him to "get on it" as he shoves his cock down Joey's throat. Of course, Joey swallows it down and goes to work, tugging on Colin's balls and slobbering all over his hard prick. Colin picks Joey up and practically throws him on the bed, and rims his ass good and wet. Colin moves around behind him, lays down beside him and starts fucking Joey, who's as hard as a rock. Joey starts stroking his cock, which makes his sphincter tighten up, which makes Colin grunt with pleasure as Joey clamps down. They work up a good sweat going at it in this position; then Colin decides he wants to stand up, so moves Joey to the edge of the bed and plows in. Joey grimaces as Colin's cock slams into his hole, and Colin starts thrusting faster and faster as Joey writhes on the bed like a bucking bronco. You can see Colin's abs pop as he raises his arms and thrusts into Joey hard, like he's trying to make Joey buck even more. Colin starts saying some really nasty things about cumming, and he shakes as his orgasmic spasms take over; he pulls out in time for his spooge to cover Joey's ass, dripping down his hole, and Colin scoops up some of his cum with his cock and shoves it back into Joey's hole. Meanwhile, Joey's been pulling in his cock and is ready to explode, so he rolls over on his back and Colin moves up to kiss him and lick Joey's chest and sensitive nipples, which pushes Joey over the edge and he blows spooge all over his belly and up his firm chest. Colin licks Joey's cum up and snowballs it into Joey's mouth as they kiss passionately. Why, you'd think these two were lovers or something!

scene 1, Insemination 2
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