Jeff Allen - Simon Cox - Bryce Pierce

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DescriptionScene 3. The Tomb 
Jeff Allen, Simon Cox
While Grand, Soldier, and Hawke are wasting valuable time fucking each other and twilight falls across the arabian hills, team leader Jeff Allen stumbles across a cragged cave--he has found the entrance to the tomb! And now, dear reader, prepare for the most breathtaking visual ever filmed! Inside the tomb, riches abound, but this treasure is guarded by a nubian prince with the finest ebony of all time in the form of Simon Cox. Special effects bring the rock statue to life and Cox quickly wrestles Allen to the ground. But tables turn fast and Cox gets Cock up his round ass in a pounding scene that delivers everything you expect.

and scene 4. The Mummy 
Bryce Pierce, Simon Cox, Jeff Allen
Watching everything is Bryce Pierce, the mummy, who comes to life in a scene that garnered Raiders Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Sex Scene nominations. The incredible thing about this scene is that it sounds so strange, but it is perhaps the finest sex performance ever recorded on tape. Rather than comment further, let it suffice to say that this scene is required viewing for all fans of Chris Ward, J.D. Slater, and Raging Stallion Studios. It is a triumph that is universally acknowledged as being as good as porn gets.

From GayVideoDad:
Allen finds his way into the tomb and discovers among the buried artifacts a statue of his Nubian Guard. When he touches it, it comes to life in the person of Simon Cox, whose ebony flesh and extravagant body piercings are quite a sight. The guard attempts to defend the tomb but is soon overpowered by Allen, who fucks him at length.  Both performers expend a great deal of energy, but the action is not varied enough to go on as long as it does.
Before long, the mummified Pharaoh himself appears to overpower Allen and reclaim Cox for himself. Clearly, theirs was a special relationship, and the following scene is potent stuff. The mummy is played by tall, dark and multipierced Bryce Pierce. (We counted more than a dozen piercings, including a Prince Albert and four bars through the shaft of his meaty erection.) Pierce, too, is strictly trade, and his raunch rap is more present-day Folsom Street than ancient Egypt. The verbal anachronisms are jarring, but the action is hot. Cox services Pierce orally with the desperation of a starving man, and the ensuing fuck, although Pierce is not always rockhard, is enthusiastic. A trio of money shots completes the scene.

Raiders of the Lost Arse
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