Sagi Kalev - Bodybuilder Fitness Model

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DescriptionOne of the best hunks of the last decade!
A little bit 12.63 MB
Alternate dumbbell curls in good 9.85 MB
Alternate dumbbell 7.51 MB
Alternate dumbbell 7.52 MB
Alternate dumbbell 11.42 MB
Autographing a magazine cover for 7.35 MB
Barbell curls and 10.89 MB
Barbell presses for the 10.65 MB
Being in shape 6.52 MB
Big arms take a big 9.33 MB
Big pecs showcased by black tank 9.23 MB
Brandon demonstrates 11.29 MB
Brandon demonstrates the 10.12 MB
Brandon does cable 10.40 MB
Brandon does dumbbell 7.86 MB
Brandon ready to train 9.19 MB
Brandon squeezes pecs as Sagi 5.82 MB
Brandon trains his 8.18 MB
Cable crossovers at a different 8.78 MB
Cable crossovers in the 7.27 MB
Cable curls to develop the 10.11 MB
Concentration curls 8.58 MB
Controlled biceps 7.59 MB
Controlling the biceps and 5.96 MB
Curls with a little 9.45 MB
Demonstrating the benefits of 9.11 MB
Explaining big biceps 7.09 MB
Explaining why it's a 6.61 MB
Front barbell 6.05 MB
Front raises - easy 7.55 MB
Getting the deltoids 11.34 MB
Grooming and posing in the 11.13 MB
Hard core biceps 9.00 MB
Having a ball with 9.89 MB
Heavy front dumbbell 12.61 MB
It's working for 12.23 MB
Lateral raises for developing 10.35 MB
Lifting and squeezing the 9.65 MB
Lifting squeezing and massaging the 13.56 MB
Living room 10.78 MB
Machine shoulder 10.00 MB
More locker room 8.08 MB
More of Sagis mountainous 7.09 MB
More pumping up the 7.39 MB
Mounding up those massive 8.79 MB
Nothing easy about these EZ bar 9.97 MB
One-arm cable 14.01 MB
Pec lifts in white string tank 5.59 MB
Pecs bouncing and 7.95 MB
Pecs shoulders and arms 10.01 MB
Pecs squeezed in the black 11.51 MB
Posing after a 11.11 MB
Posing arms and 12.04 MB
Posing in the locker 10.84 MB
Posing on the day after 7.56 MB
Posing on the iron 9.73 MB
Posing on the patio in the 7.71 MB
Posing pecs in a white 7.02 MB
Posing the delts and upper 5.23 MB
Posing the pumped 8.82 MB
Posing with a mirror at 10.32 MB
Preparing for a second 6.95 MB
Presses for the front 12.61 MB
Pumping biceps with heavy 11.39 MB
Pumping those huge 10.54 MB
Push-ups and poses with the 10.91 MB
Pushups using the exercise 6.93 MB
Qualities of a good 8.49 MB
Sagi and Tony buddy training the 8.46 MB
Sagi and Tony doing buddy biceps 10.67 MB
Sagi and Tony get 9.91 MB
Sagi and Tony ham it up for a photo 5.14 MB
Sagi and Tony hit some 6.70 MB
Sagi and Tony intense 9.50 MB
Sagi and Tony 7.34 MB
Sagi changing his 6.94 MB
Sagi does the 7.00 MB
Sagi Kalev 2-1.wmv 908.56 MB
Sagi Kalev 2-2.wmv 23.57 MB
Sagi Kalev 2-3.wmv 25.32 MB
Sagi Kalev 2-4.wmv 369.41 MB

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