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As a representative of The Order, President Nelson is responsible for conducting thorough inspections of many Mormon boys. The process is extensive and invasive and he demands never to be disobeyed while performing it. He accepts nothing less than perfection from them and he knows these boys need – and like – discipline.

And most of the missionaries would agree! When they see him their young, hormone-drenched bodies are turned on by his imposing physical presence and his commanding tone. His square jaw, his big hands, his deep voice — everything about him makes young missionaries want to get on their knees and worship the man’s fat cock. They longingly lust to see his rock-hard abs in motion as he fucks them into  blissful oblivion.

Ever since Elder White had his first sexual feelings, he has always been attracted to older men.

Every father figure in his life has been an object of his desire, especially the older men at church. Just the sight of those masculine priesthood leaders, dressed in suit and tie, would make him get an embarrassing erection.

But it wasn’t until he became a full-time missionary that he was able to put these desires into action.

He would never have dared to act on his feelings, but luckily he had attracted the attention of The Order. His handsome face, fit body, sweet ass and submissive attitude made him a perfect candidate for recruitment.

Without his having to take the initiative, he was called in for an inspection that ended with a monster cock in his virgin hole.

For Mormon boys like Elder Sorensen, a full-time mission is the time to learn to be men. Fresh out of high school, it’s their first experience of living on their own.

After a tearful goodbye to their families, they find themselves in a new place living with other young boys and obeying a set of very strict rules.

These rules teach the boys things they will need to know for the rest of their working lives. They learn to wake up early and work hard, to shave every day, to tie their neckties and polish their dress shoes.

But important as these things are, they are only the superficial lessons a Mormon boy learns as a missionary.

More important are the ways in which he develops his character, learning the value of obedience, service, and brotherhood.

When Elder Dudley’s alarm goes off, he groans and hits snooze. But he’s not alone in the bed — Elder Sorensen is sprawled out on his furry chest.

Dudley is exhausted from fucking all night long, but he has an appointment with with his favorite Mormon muscle daddy, President Nelson, and he doesn’t want to be late.

He wakes Elder Sorensen up and the two boys hop in the shower together. Now that they’ve boned, there’s no awkwardness at all between them. They talk and laugh and wash each other’s bodies.

Elder Sorensen soaps up Dudley’s hole because he knows that’s the part of the handsome boy President Nelson will be most interested in.

When Dudley has put on his shirt and tie and polished his shoes, Elder Sorensen accompanies him to the temple and then gives him a long, wet kiss goodbye.

Bad boy, Elder Ence barely finishes spilling his load across Elder Sorensen’s  boyhood and chest when Sorensen lets him in on a big secret.

“I wasn’t joking,” Sorensen smiles, scooping up the cum with his hand and licking it from his fingers, “When I said there was a place where you can fuck every boy’s ass you see.”

Ence listens, his mouth hanging open and his dick already hardening again, as Elder Sorensen tells him about The Order.

A secret group of older, priesthood leaders within the church. And they have their pick of any tight hole they want? The things he images make him feel dizzy.

Elder Sorensen explains that it’s not as easy as that. “You have to prove you can be obedient to the Brethren. They’ll do things to your body you’ve never experienced before.”

Ence laughs this off. He’s had all kinds of fun since becoming a missionary, including fucking the fresh-faced Elder Dudley. He’s sure nothing can surprise him.
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