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Elder Sorensen: Disciplinary Action

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DescriptionAs the men of the priesthood watched over his progress, it became obvious Elder Sorensen was intent on stretching his hole as much as possible. He worked his way down the pegs, taking longer for each peg as they increased in size. His face turned red and he began to sweat.
It wasnÂ’t as difficult as Elder Sorensen feared it would be to sit on the first peg of the priesthood stretcher. Though his virgin hole had never been touched before, let alone penetrated, his desire to please the witnesses and prove his worthiness had helped him to relax and get the peg all the way in.
Although Elder Sorensen had never been curious about playing with his hole, he was surprised to find that it really turned him on. In fact, the bigger the peg and the more intense the feeling, the greater the physical pleasure.
Patriarch Smith was surprised.
The proud little missionary made it as far as the intimidatingly big fourth peg! The Patriarch didnÂ’t think the boy would make it that far. Not only did he sit on it, he even rode it for a few moments once it was comfortably fully inside, massaging his tender prostate.
But the fifth peg was just too big. Sorensen struggled to accept it, stretching his hole farther than he had imagined possible, but it wasnÂ’t quite enough.
Disappointed, he dropped his head and whispered, “I can’t.”
Secretly, Patriarch Smith was glad the boy couldn’t make it all the way down the priesthood stretcher — now he had a reason to discipline the boy before he continues his journey toward full membership in The Order. ?And the Patriarch really wants to get his own hands on the boy’s spectacular ass.
Elder Miller and Elder Stewart assisted the president during Elder SorensenÂ’s priesthood preparation. But once Elder Sorensen conceded defeat, Smith took the boyÂ’s chin in hand and lifted his face up to look him in the eye.
“You will be disciplined,” he told the boy.
Elder Sorensen was sent back to the mission home that evening to clean up and get some rest. In the morning he meets President Smith alone in the same room but the priesthood stretcher is gone.
Smith tells the boy to only remove his pants, then has the boy lie face down across his knees still wearing his Mormon underwear.
Elder Sorensen is eager to win over his leaderÂ’s favor and submits immediately.
Sorensen waits for the slaps he knows are coming while staring at the floor, but the spanking he receives still catches him by surprise. When the man slaps the boyÂ’s ass, Sorensen canÂ’t resist and yelps.
The boy bites his lip and fights to remain silent.
Patriarch Smith loves smacking the boyÂ’s firm ass, and places a hand over the boyÂ’s mouth as he spanks harder. SorensenÂ’s face is bright red, and heÂ’s breathing hard, but the feel of the manÂ’s big strong hand striking him turns him on. He can feel his dick getting hard.
The Patriarch pauses and commands the boy to stand up and strip completely naked. If he werenÂ’t seeing it with his own eyes, he wouldnÂ’t believe that such a beautiful body could really exist. The superior genetics of these tight-bodied Mormon boys continue to amaze him.
With the now naked boy spread across his knees, the man is no longer content with just spanking. He spreads the boyÂ’s cheeks and gets a look at his irresistible, hairless, pink rosebud.
The man has seen his share of beautiful asses, but this boyÂ’s little hole is as near flawless a hole as they get.
Smith wants to remind Elder Sorensen how important it is to obey every command The Order gives him. He also wants this to be pleasurable for the boy, to be an experience that builds trust and intimacy between man and boy.
Few things will bring more pleasure into a young manÂ’s life than his first orgasm from ass play.
Knowing this, Patriarch Smith produces a string of beads and slowly inserts them into SorensenÂ’s hole. He relishes the whimpers that accompanies each bead as they disappear one by one, slipping past the boyÂ’s tight sphincter.
As Smith tugs on the beads, Sorensen drops his head and moans. Through his pants, Smith can feel the boyÂ’s erection pressing against his leg.
The man reaches down and strokes the boyÂ’s cock, excited to milk the cum out of him.
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