Factory Extreme - Go Suck Yourself

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Why do sex pigs lick themselves? Because they can. And that's what these dudes do in Factory Extreme's Go Suck Yourself.

Cast:  Kade, Austin Joseph, Nick Jarett, Phil Easy, Tucker Jensen, Kenji, Dorian Jensen, Rod Spunkel, James O'Neil, Jon Paulson

Country:  US

Year: 2009

Studio :  Factory Extreme

Format : Split-scenes (4)

Scene 1 - 18:17 / 720x480 / WMV

Scene 2 - 23:11 / 720x480 / WMV

Scene 3 - 14:43 / 720x480 / WMV

Scene 4 - 17:47 / 720x480 / WMV

In scene one, straight-lookers Austin Joseph and tattooed Kade hook up for some hot blow jobs, during which Kade tells Austin that
he's been practicing self-sucking. For the rest of the scene, Austin sucks Kade's cock, rims his ass and stuffs a dildo up his butt
while Kade continues practicing on himself. The sex-play finishes when Kade comes in his own mouth, eats his own cum then gobbles
up more jizz from Joseph.

Scene two offers you three-way action when Tucker Jensen and Phil Easy drop in on cute Nick Jarett. The three suck each other off,
with Nick occasionally breaking the chain by sucking his own dick. Brunette Tucker fucks Jarett. Tucker and Phil jack-off while
getting off on watching Nick, who continues to suck his own dick. Nick comes in his own mouth, then turns his head to each side,
gulping down the cum of both his buddies.

Stud Rod Spunkel gets caught jacking off in an alley by James O'Neil in scene three. O'Neil and Spunkel take turns sucking Rod's
big, thick rod. Jon Paulson walks in for some action while Rod continues enjoying himself. In the end, Paulson slurps both his
friend's loads and shoots his own on the ground.

Long-haired Kenji starts off the last scene by sucking his own dick and is eventually joined by straight-looking Dorian Jensen,
who helps him with that job. They continue with that steamy game of "You First, Then Me" and then go on to another first: Dorian
gets fucked for the first time ever, on camera or off, by Kenji. Kenji continues to suck himself until he cums on his face and
his chest. Jensen laps up Kenji's cum, then leans back and shoots his own load into his own face, eating his own jizz with his fingers.

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