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Graduation Gang Bang [Staxus SauVage Raw Films] BB avi

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"What's this? A government-sponsored attempt to get more of us to go to university? Including 17 of the hottest "undergraduates" the Czech Republic can boast, there's no doubting that the hallowed halls of learning have rarely looked so appealing!

Sadly, Johan Volny and cute Timothy Nixon couldn't make it to the aforementioned graduation celebrations. Seems like they had other things on their mind at the time – like fucking each others' brains out! Fortunately for us, they managed to produce their own video contribution to the occasion, which involves a magnificent amount of smooching, rimming, 69-ing and (ultimately) a fabulous round of bareback fornication. Rest assured that young Nixon's butt-hole gets just the sort of treatment you'd expect from a master like Volny, though we suspect your favorite moment will be when the youngster gets a very generous facial courtesy of Volny's balls. A superb start that'll get you right in the mood for the party that's yet to unfold.

The graduation celebrations are well under way, but for some of the guys work has to come first – including Marco Bill and Tyler Morris, who for some strange reason appear to have left college to work at a bed and breakfast! Not that their new jobs entail anything other than engaging in a constant stream of sexual innuendo – the old "customer wants a sausage" routine – and hot, over-the-kitchen-table copulation. The latter of which these two handsome young studs are able to undertake with breathtaking gusto. Bill's thick, uncut cock is working its way up Morris's crack pretty much before you know what's happened, ultimately resulting in a cascade of liquid protein from both parties. Cream is very much the order of the day in this kitchen, that's for sure.

Dicks are emerging all over the place at the party, resulting in some very frantic cock-sucking from our collection of horny graduates. But for Kevin Buckster and Lucky Taylor it's a case of spending the time together at home. Maybe they didn't realize just what sort of party it was gonna be, or maybe they just prefer their own company. Whatever the reason, the fact that they didn't attend doesn't mean that they're not a couple of dirty-minded bastards – least of all Taylor, who just can't wait to stick his raw knob-end up Buckster's hungry butt-hole. Some magnificent camera work captures every breathtaking thrust, but our favorite is when the lads swap places and Taylor rides Buckster's cock from on top. Little wonder both guys end up spurting like a couple of sperm whales.

It's a reflection of director Vlado Iresch's brilliance that he can combine a no-holds-barred umpteen man orgy with a solo performance from new boy, Karl Roberts, without either looking in any way out of place. Indeed, given the head of steam that is now building at the party, this quiet wanking session actually comes as something of a relief – and, in the process, adds tension and expectation to the fuck-a-thon that we know is just around the corner. Roberts himself is pitch-perfect as the quiet, next-door type that clearly prefers his own company to that of a group of horny animals. And though nothing would please us more than seeing his butt-hole getting stretched from some big fat cock at some future point, there's no denying that this fabulous jerk-off is a definite vote-winner.

Blond favorite, Brian Brower, has built a whole reputation on being the sort of eager bottom we'd all love to come across (so to speak) but on this occasion he exchanges his usual position to act as top to the almost equally hungry cock-slut that is Larry Force. Indeed, Force's butt-slit doesn't really stand a chance against the sort of enthusiasm that Brower always seems to display in front of the camera. And it's hardly any time at all before the pair's first, tentative kisses have been replaced by some extremely hardcore man-sex. Beginning with a fabulous 69 sofa-session, which sees Brower giving the sort of rimming that most of us would literally die for. But it's the unrestrained butt-bang finale, together with the resultant cum-shots, that serve to make this a truly unforgettable coupling.

Having served as filler between scenes, the film's attention finally turns whole-heartedly to its entitled gang-bang, where the gang of hyper-sexed lads is now finally coming to the boil. Cue a fine succession of splendid cum-shots, with expectant faces and open mouths now serving as the order of the day. Oh, if only all graduation ceremonies were as memorable as this one! As it is, we have little choice but to take pleasure in this spunk-draining fantasy, as cock after cock unloads a plethora of sperm in pretty much every direction. Indeed, we simply defy anyone watching this breathtaking finale not to unload their own sac in the process. In short, a magnificent ending to what is surely one of Iresch's best films to date."
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