RS-Playback (2disc set)

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DescriptionBen Leon returns in full-force in a brand new double disc set of non- stop fucking action in Playback. With an eye for good angles, soft light and hard dick Leon brings the viewer into the shadows of an empty warehouse where Raging Stallion's finest perform at the top of their game. What happens when no one is paying attention but the security camera's are on record? A lot of hot sex in every corner. In order to get the real feel of this film I sat down with Ben to get his view from the directors chair.

Disc 1

Jake Deckard, Remy Delaine

"I couldn't wait to shoot Jake and Remy. I've worked with both of them before and I know that they both bring sex to new heights," said Leon. When the first fuck scene begins Jake Deckard is tearing at Remy Delaine in the elevator. Jake's dick is first out and followed quickly by Remy's big fat cock popping out of his underwear. These men are hard and ready for some action, mashing into each other and rubbing dicks together. But Remy wants to suck Jake off. He gets onto his knees and stares up into Jake's beautiful muscled chest and hairy pecs as he swallows Jake down. As Remy swallows, Jake reaches down to spread Remy's famous ass cheeks to reveal Remy's perfect hairy butthole. Remy's dick is a mouthful and Jake chokes on it as he forces it down. But the real event is the flip-flop fucking. Jake's ass is first to get ridden after a hot round of ass eating. Remy digs in with his tongue and then with his fat uncut cock giving Jake the ride of his life. Remy pounds away until his ass is begging for it. Jake takes his turn both aggressive and sweet, teasing Remy's asshole and then giving all he's got. Jake lays back and Remy climbs on top. With Jake pumping and Remy bouncing up and down the fucking is over the top. For cum-shots, Remy gets on his knees and sucks Jake off until they both shoot.

Dirk Jager, Martin Mazza

Martin Mazza already has Dirk Jager's cock in his mouth as the second scene opens. Dirk likes to make men choke and Martin is no exception. Martin receives the full force of Dirk's dick from many different angles. With Martin on his back Dirk force feeds him, pushing deep down into his struggling throat. The spit flies as every inch of Dirk's dick is attended to. Martin is a beautiful and willing boy, with a nice hairy chest, a short kept beard and tattoos framing his muscles, but Martin's ass is the star of this show and Dirk drills him. "Dirk is just an incredible man, his energy is so present in every scene. When I paired him up with Martin I knew it would be explosive," remarked Leon. "Watching these two fuck was a joy." Every muscle of Dirk's incredible body pops as he pumps Martin full of dick. Dirk has amazing abs, each band of muscle tensing up as he penetrates Martin. As these men fuck on an old wooden ramp the legs shake with each stroke. When Martin lays on his back we get to see the rest of this beautiful man, the tattoo along his side and his fat cock. Dirk fucks Martin until he shoots and Dirk is quick to follow.

Barrett Long

Barrett Long is alone in the video surveillance room. But Barrett is not looking at the monitors, he's paying much more attention to his own huge dick. Barrett has one of the biggest dicks in porn. It's massive. It's fat, big and always hard. In this solo, the camera has one focus – Barrett's huge foot-long cock. Barrett strokes and looks at pictures of girls until he stands up and shoots a huge load. Director Ben Leon said "This cum shot is amazing. Barrett shot about 10 feet and I'm not exaggerating. I was just lucky to see it and capture it on video.

Remy Delaine, Martin Mazza, J. St. Miguel

Remy returns in the final scene of the first disc with Martin Mazza and J. St. Miguel. This three way begins with playfulness and moves quickly to passion. Martin is smoking in an empty hallway when J. and Remy arrive in the elevator. They quickly attack Martin with kisses and groping hands. Martin and Remy are Raging Stallion regulars but J. is a newbie and it shows. J. approaches sex with wide eyes and lively energy. J. is in the middle as these three undress and ravish each other. The sexual energy is tremendous as these men suck dick and eat ass taking turns in the shadows of the hallway. This is not a normal kiss/suck/fuck scene. These boys just go for it. When J offers his ass up for rimming the excitement grows. Martin dives into J.'s beautiful hole while J. sucks Remy's cock. Remy's ass is next for rimming as Martin and Remy are lip locked. When Martin throws his legs up for dick Remy obliges and plunges his huge uncut cock. Both Martin and J. take turns on Remy's fat dick. There is palpable sexuality in these three boys. Director Leon comments, "Filming these three was pure pleasure, I didn't get a chance to put the camera down as these boys climbed all over each other." Every second is full of ass fucking and cock sucking. Remy fucks Martin until he blows his load. Remy pulls out and shoots followed by J. who spills all over Martin's neck.

Disc 2

Trey Casteel, Max Blue

In another part of this empty building Max Blue sits and plays with himself in the dark. Lucky for Max, Trey Casteel comes along to give Max what he needs. Max Blue is a young guy with a huge cock. Trey wastes no time and stuffs Max's dick into his mouth. With Max's huge cock in his mouth Trey pulls out his dick and shoves it into Max's eager mouth. Max does have a huge cock but in addition he has a beautiful young hole that loves attention. Trey digs deep into Max's butt with spit and fingers and tongue. Leon writes "Max had such a nice ass I had a hard time keeping Trey in line. And when the fucking starts Trey went wild, fucking for a bit pulling out and eating hole before sticking his dick back in." Max really bends over and takes it letting Trey have control. When Max flips onto his back for another round of dick Trey sticks his face in first before pistoning his dick into Max's now gaping butt. In between pumps Trey slaps Max's ass till it glows red and then shoves his dick back in. The ass play here is almost as good as the fucking. Max's dick towers above his abs as Trey stands above to cum. With Trey's come on his chest Max blows a huge load of his own and feeds it to himself.

Justin Christopher, Marcos David

Scene six begins with two huge dicks in need of some attention. Marcos David has a big one and Justin Christopher is happy to service him. But Justin's dick is massive too and needs the same attention. Marcos works from the bottom to the top of Justin's 10 inch cock with his lips and tongue making sure to get the whole thing wet. Justin wants to taste some more dick before it goes up his ass so he gets back on his knees for a second round of Marcos's big uncut cock. Justin offers up his ass and Marcos lunges in. Marcos loosens Justin's asshole up with his tongue before driving that fat dick of his deep inside. "I love to watch Marcos fuck and when he's pumping that fat dick into Justin you can feel every groan. Justin takes it like a pro, his huge dick hard the whole time as Marcos really gives it to him," reflects Leon. When Justin blows his load with Marcos still inside of him it pushes Marcos over the edge.

Dirk Jager, Remy Delaine

"Before we even started shooting the seventh scene of the movie I knew this was going to be award winning. Two of my favorite guys to film were teaming up to give me a fuck scene I had already seen in my head. Dirk and Remy are my two favorite kind of men. Dirk is big, muscly, ripped from head to toe and aggressive as fuck. Remy is a hot young punk with an attitude who loves sex and loves to be pushed around by a hot top. I knew this scene was gonna be good." Leon could not have described it better. Dirk Jager and Remy Delaine tear each other apart in this scene. Dirk is the aggressor but also gets down on his knees for some nice cock sucking action. The two take turns giving and receiving head in the dark and mechanical elevator room. When they move back into the hall Remy offers his ass up like the pig bottom he is. "When I talked to Dirk before we started shooting I filled him in on Remy Delaine. Remy has quite an attitude but he loves to be put in his place. That's Dirk's specialty so I said 'be aggressive with him and he'll respond." You can see the results as Dirk fucks Remy with abandon. Remy's hole has never been this abused. Dirk fucks him one way and then another while Remy takes it. Remy must love to have cum on his chest because when Dirk pulls out Remy jumps down to catch Dirk's cum on his pecs. Remy shoots while cum is still dripping off his abs.

Roman Ragazzi, Barrett Long

"The final scene of this movie had to be explosive. I needed to find someone who could hold up to Roman Ragazzi. Barrett Long was the perfect model. I knew Roman would go crazy over that massive fat dick." When Roman whips it out of Barrett's pants you can hear the excitement. Roman has a major big dick fetish and this dick is too big to be believed. Barrett not only has a huge cock but his balls hang down really low. This combination obviously drives Roman wild as he struggles to swallow the massive thing. After a nice oral session Roman wants it in his ass. Roman isamazing to look at but when he bends over with his ass in the air he is dreamy. His hairy ass is begging for dick and Barrett supplies. "At first I thought we might have a problem, Roman was having a hard time taking such a big dick but when these men got warmed up all I could see in camera was amazing fucking." Barrett's 12 fat inch's stretch out Roman's butt while Roman's fat cock hangs below. When Roman moves onto his back his chest fills the screen as that major cock is pushing in and out of his butthole. "The up-shot here is my favorite. You can see the dick going in and out as Barrett watches. Roman's ass has never looked so happy." Roman gets fucked till he can't take it anymore and spills seed all over himself. When Barrett comes he pops another huge load all over Roman's hairy chest.
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