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RawCastings - Casting #608: Sebastian Young, Booster

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DescriptionIn the SUV, Booster explains that although he is bi, he usually has sex with guys because he doesn't have the time nor effort to get a girl. In addition to being lazy, he apparently simply doesn't want to be in a relationship. Whatever his excuses are for being a gay slut, Booster has turned his attention to beginning a gay porn career. Whether or not he simply needs the money or he has run out of Grindr hookups back home is unclear. At any rate, he seems good to go, and he even whips out his cock in the car to show it off. Once he is on the casting couch with the studio lighting glaring at him, his swagger turns a bit to nerves. The director asks if he has seen any of Sebastian Young's porn videos, and Booster admits that he only watched some after learning he might be taken for a test drive by Sebastian. Sebastian saunters into the casting room and immediately begins using his psychological power plays to show Booster what he is in for. Sebastian sits down next to Booster and rubs his neck and shoulders - in the same way an owner might pet his hound before releasing him for a grueling hunt. Sebastian asks, "You like sucking dick, right?" Before Booster can even answer, Sebastian takes off his shirt and orders Booster to "put my shit away for me." Booster tosses the shirt off to the side before lowering himself down to his knees to gawk at Sebastian's dick. Sebastian needles Booster as he begins to give him a blowjob, as if to intentionally throw him off base. At least, Sebastian tells the casting director, Booster doesn't use teeth. "That last one was a piranha!" Sebastian exclaims. Although he may not use teeth, Sebastian isn't too impressed with the blowjob, and asks Booster, "Is that the way you always suck dick?" and "Are you really confident that you can get me off like that?" Once Sebastian has given a few blowjob tips to Booster, he asks him if he likes eating ass. Before Booster can finish saying, "Usually, I don't do it," with a pained look on his face, Sebastian is already bent over the couch with his ass in Booster's face. Booster complies and eats Sebastian out. When he finally is finished with that task, he pulls a few pubes out of his mouth with a disgusted look on his face. Meanwhile, Sebastian is ready for some young raw hole. Sebastian first has Booster sit on his dick in order to comfortably fit it all in. Sebastian gently eases down about halfway, and at Sebastian's prompting stays down on it in spite of some obvious discomfort. When Booster begins to go through the motions of picking up the pace, Sebastian scoffs that he isn't really riding his cock: "You're just bouncing!" Booster tries to ride with the cock actually going in and out of his hole and does pretty well for a while. Sebastian tries him out in a few more positions, and Booster's facial expressions remain the same: pain, discomfort, bewilderment, and incredulity. It seems that Booster was expecting to be having more fun at this point. As Sebastian is pounding him out, he ignores Booster's complaints and says, "Don't be a pussy.... don't take it personally, either." Despite Booster trying to push his hands against Sebastian's legs in order to slow him down, Sebastian doesn't relent, and when he is ready to cum he makes sure that he jizzes completely in Booster's mouth. Booster, who hadn't been very hard as he was getting dicked down, jerks himself off afterwards, all the while stroking Sebastians' still halfway hard cock. Sebastian makes him cum onto his hand, and then asks Booster to lick it clean. Once that is finished, Booster looks relieved, and Sebastian yells that it's time to shower. Although Booster thinks that the trial by fire is over, Sebastian has one last surprise. As they shower, Sebastian tells Booster to get down on his knees, and then Sebastian proceeds to relieve himself all over Booster's chest. Yet another wannabe porn star has just traded his dignity for 15 minutes of fame.
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