Cruisin 2 FVP074 DVD, Full & Clips

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Now everyone can choose to download videos in different formats. Ready for dynamite hardcore? Cruisin' 2 features more cruise-heavy Falcon action. Jamie Hendrix cruises Mark Andrews in a gay bookstore. The two men head off for an afternoon filled with sucking, rimming, ass-play and fucking. Matt Gunther and Dcota invite Brian Peterson for a ride and a threeway. Once inside these sex-craving studs fill every hole over and over again with f-forceful intensity. They work each other over in every conceivable way before shooting their loads and relaxing in each
others embrace. Car wash attendant Steve Davenport offers customer Jack Dillon something more than a simple soaping. Back at Jack's place Steve worships Jack's muscled chest, nipples, and armpits. Terribly turned on, Jack gently rims and stretches Steve's ass, fingering more f-forcefully as Steve opens up. Steve rides Jack's fingers but his hole is hungry for more and Jack is eager to please - pounding Steve's ass until both men spill over in orgasm. Matt Gunther spies military man Brad Mitchell in San Francisco's Lincoln Park. The two men take cover indoors
and Matt give Brad a thorough work-over in his uniform. Matt and Brad massage each other, working out of their clothes and enjoying every reveal. Soon Matt's on his knees, dutifully worshiping Brad's cock. Brad returns the favor and soon the men are sucking each other's meat. Matt rims and probes Brad's hole, preparing him for the ass-fucking to follow. But once isn't enough and after Brad pops his load Matt flips him over and gives him another pounding and another blast of cum."

Cast - Brad Mitchell, Dcota, Jack Dillon, Jamie Hendrix, Mark Andrews, Matt Gunther

Release Year 2005
2020-09-10 00:51:57
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