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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-09 |
by unknown |

Another classic request fulfilled by a member of a group to which I belong.

Doing these warms my heart because I am able to help someone retrieve a small part of their cherished past.

It takes my attention away from a loss of my own past which I can never recover.

And it is an oldie!  When this was made, i was not old enough to drink in most states, save New York which had a drinking age of 18 at the time.

Shows how far back that goes.

There is a small plot involved, but mostly it is sex.

I love the street scenes of New York City from that day.
I have a hunch that this movie was made earlier than 1979, but I do not know the car models enough to compare.

If you would like a preview, you may view the one I made, steamed from my own site here:

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).



So Many Men, So Little Time [Mustang Studios-Bijou]




New York! New York! Remember the fond days of the St. Mark.s Baths with this film that harks back to 1980 and the wanton days of condomless sex and anonymous passion without restraint.

Justin Thyme -- who.s kind of cute with his clone mustache and easy smile -- spies on an eagerly humping couple on the way to the grocery store. Peering through the bars on their basement apartment, he watches a long-haired, hairy-chested man curl up with his short-haired butch friend.s dick in his mouth.

Fiercely and passionately they trade blow jobs; while they sixty-nine, the bottom half of the couple holds up his lover.s lower body marveling as his prodigious tool dangling down towards him.

On the way home from grocery shopping, Justin meets Kurt Thomas and after they smoke a couple of cigarettes, their bodies rub together and they get the Crisco and a towel. To the song, "Do You Want to Know Why I Smile All the Time," the new neighbor plows into Justin.s bouncy ass.

After several other sexual adventures, all of the men, with a few additions, gather together in a basement apartment for an amazing combination of gymnastics and orgy sex. The cum flows and the dildos fly right into buttholes. Feet are sucked delightfully, but only after each toe is given its due.

So Many Men, So Little Time has a handsome cast, good cinematography, good sex, great music. A timeless good sex film.

Stars: Aaron Clark, Ed Stiffler, Justin Thyme, Keith Antoni, Kurt Thomas, Scott Allen, Sven Jensen, Tony Stalione

Director: Arch Brown

Released: 1979


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