Elder Dobrovnik - The Covenant (with President Ballard)

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DescriptionElder Dobrovnik woke up early and began his morning routine of push-ups and sit-ups. They helped him start his day energized and strong, but also gave him time to process all that had been going on.

His involvement with the Order began to reveal new and surprising things about himself. Coming from a very conservative background, he was used to repressing his desires in order to stay obedient. But by submitting sexually in the service of the priesthood, somehow that made his body come alive with a new hunger and yearning.

President Ballard (Max Sargent) contacted him about his next step in the induction process. The boy would meet his mission president at the temple.

As with most things with the Order, he was not told what would happen, only what time and where to be.

The Priesthood Stretcher had been a challenge for sure, but his mission president’s cock proved to be more than difficult for him to handle. He couldn’t help but be nervous as he knew that he had no choice but to submit, and another fucking was likely in his future.

As he arrived at the Temple, he was instructed by two members of the priesthood to change out of his regular attire and adorn white ceremonial robes. He changed without question, curious about what would come next.

He was surprised when he was asked to get down on all fours and crawl through a short, narrow hallway and stop at a small door at the end. Elder Dobrovnik was a tall, wide-shouldered young man, so this was especially difficult for someone of his stature. Nevertheless, he inched his way through the corridor and waited patiently for a signal.

Inside the cramped space, he began to feel his cock harden and his heart race. Already the intoxicating feeling of powerlessness began to take over his body. He became even more excited as he heard the knocking of a hand against the door.

He proceeded forward, moving slowly and cautiously through the tiny door. He looked around for the knocker, only to feel a strong hand grab the back of his neck, keep his head down, and guide him onward into the room. Without even looking up, he knew from the man’s touch and dominant presence that this was President Ballard.

President Ballard led him to the foot of a centrally placed bed, where the suited man sat opposite the kneeling boy. He looked down at the eager young Russian boy before telling him to stand up.

President Ballard took his time looking over his obedient submissive boy. He ran his wide hands over Dobrovnik’s tall, athletic body, feeling every square inch of skin and muscle. He removed the boy’s robe, exposing the his naked body and rising erection.

Dobrovnik was aroused by having this powerful man explore his body completely, taking his genitals into his big hands and slowly playing with them. He was happy to give up control and stand ready to be used by this man as he saw fit.

Leaning in, President Ballard took the boy’s cock in his mouth, past his lips and over his tongue, gently bringing him to the back of his throat. Elder Dobrovnik began to moan, feeling his body tingle all over from the hot, wet sensation. He continued to suck on the boy’s erection, feeling it continue to grow and harden inside his mouth.

President Ballard savored the taste of the young boy. He pulled back, holding the young man’s cock in his hand, and ordered, “Lie down on the bed and play with yourself.”

The elder was confused, but did so without hesitation. He spread his legs out on the bed, taking his hard cock into his hand. President Ballard began to disrobe, never taking his eyes off of the Dobrovnik’s muscular frame, enjoying the sight of the boy stroking his hard cock.

Once he was down to his undergarments, President Ballard moved in on the boy’s crotch and began to suck him once more.

Elder Dobrovnik was surprised at how much attention his body receiving. He’d done so much for the men of the Order, obediently giving them his mouth and ass. It was an unusual pleasure to be experiencing a blowjob from such a powerful man. The sexy daddy moved his hands up and down his shaft as he swallowed his cock, sending waves of pleasure spread throughout the boy’s body.

President Ballard’s own erection was becoming more than his garments could contain, requiring him to break from his sucking to completely undress. Elder Dobrovnik was impressed with how strong and broad the man’s body was, especially the girth of his enormous cock. He wanted to feel it inside him again, although he knew ultimately his penetration was not up to him. This only excited him more.

President Ballard lied back on the bed. Elder Dobronvik moved on top of to straddle the bearded president. Sitting on on top of his thick cock, the elder could feel the wetness of precum Ballard had been leaking. Ballard took the boy’s thighs in his powerful hands, gently coaxing him back.

“Stroke yourself,” President Ballard whispered, as the young man’s body began to tremble with anticipation.

He did as he was asked, knowing too well what was in store for him. The older man could sense the boy’s reticence, recalling the struggle the he’d had on his cock before. It excited him to know that the boy was going to take it again.

As Elder Dobrovnik’s shaking lessened, President Ballard took the boy’s cock in his hand, freeing him from the distraction of having to please himself. He locked eyes with the nervous young man and guided him down.

“Sit back slowly.”  Elder Dobrovnik took a breath, knowing there was no delaying what was not in his control. He was going to be filled by the president’s cock.

While this made him harder, he slowly lowered his muscular body down on the thick tip of his leader’s cock. Just as his hole began to open, he let out a moan and a breath and felt the familiar sting of his body being penetrated. Breathing deeper and harder, he relaxed his muscles, feeling his body take more and more of his mission president, down to the base of his monster cock…
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