My Little Brother - an unidentified vintage scene

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DescriptionTitle/Release Date/Studio=unknown. Apologies but I don't know from where or how I obtained this but if you do, please identify in the comments. Tentatively entitled "My Little Brother", this 56 minute movie appears to be from the early 1970s (the Vietnam war is mentioned) and was most likely shot on either 8MM or 16MM with a crudely dubbed audio track and is possibly part of a compilation. The premise is about a guy who tries to teach his younger brother a lesson but ends up becoming the student.

Description: Annoyed with having to watch his younger brother, Pete decides he's had enough of Joey's disruptive behavior and wants some payback. Using some rope, he ties Joey to a chair and invites a couple of his buddies, Dennis and John, over for some fun at Joey's expense. Beer loosens up the three friends who then turn their attention to the hapless Joey. After they remove his pants, John forces his cock into Joey's protesting mouth. Turned on by this, Pete then mimics his younger brother and starts to suck Dennis off. Once their oral efforts are rewarded with a face full of cum, the brothers' roles are reversed until they, too, get to shoot their loads. Spent but wanting more, Joey decides he wants to have John's ass. With his older brother's help, Joey pounces on John who soon finds himself bent over, tied to a chair, and offering up his exposed ass. Joey starts fucking John and once again, the would be teacher becomes the student as Pete, following his little brother's example, fucks Dennis until they all cum yet again.

After that scene ends, another one begins. Part of a compilation? I don't know but the snippet is of a bonfire on a beach as a man clad in animal skins or some sort of tunic aproaches. The accompanying narration asks about whether Hercules was a God or just a man before the scene abruptly ends.
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