ICS – Island Caprice Studio – Dare to Dream (Thai Boys)

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DescriptionStars: Min, Han, San, Pip and Tay 
Studio : Island Caprice Studios
Location : Thailand
Released : 10/ 2002
Length : 90min

1. In a return engagement, ruggedly handsome kickboxer, Han, pulls his motorbike into the woods looking for a little privacy to air out his sizable rod. Suddenly, he's startled by a voice from above where curious Min is perched in a tree. The two are soon arguing over their "right to privacy" when Min loses his balance and falls landing squarely on his butt! This really sets them off and their entertaining banter ends with their deciding to get it off with each other instead. Any annoyance is soon replaced with passionate erections and lots of hot sucking any fucking that will get even the most stoic viewer going.

2.  Elsewhere, two cuties are enjoying a picnic when San playfully shoves fruit into his boyfriend's face! Well, Pip can play this game and plants his own contribution right on San's mouth. Willing to make amends, San agrees to lick away the delicious mess and the two soon abandon eating for a more involving passtime! You've got to see San thrust his huge dick into Pip's butt and ride it like a weekend rodeo! The two take turns, though, in this super-heated exchange that you won't want to end.

3. Finally, supremely handsome studpuppy, Tay, squanders a languid afternoon in the shade massaging his smooth glorious hardon . With enticing intimacy he strokes his smooth skin, relentlessly building to a thunderous seminal release.

Enjoy ...

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