Thriller DVDR

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DescriptionI noticed the recent post, but did not see the DVD posted.

Tim Barnett, Chris Slade, Vince Rockland, Keith Cassidy, Doug Perry, Michel D'Amours, Alex Vender

Thriller is all about how hunky model Chris Slade expresses his sexuality through his music. First, blond and handsome Keith Cassidy gets blown and then fucked by dark and handsome Michael D'Amours in a garage over a motorcycle. Next, Vince Rockland exercises too loudly on a Saturday morning and wakes his boyfriend Alex Vender who's trying to sleep in. Vince is the perfect alarm clock when he blows and tops Alex in bed.

Next, Keith Cassidy re-appears to work out with Doug Perry in a home gym. During some shoulder presses on the equipment, Doug comments how working out gets him horny, and that's all Keith needs to hear to get Doug to exercise another muscle and top Keith on the gym bench!

Finally, singing back cover model Chris Slade gets romantic with Tim Barnett who falls under the spell of his heartfelt crooning, then they take turns sucking each other with Chris topping Tim in front of a roaring fire on the living room floor.

Producer: Matt Sterling Director Jeff Corey

The box lists Eric Houston in the cast.  The video itself however does not. If he is in it  I cannot find him.
Full Disclosure--Tim Barnett was a rapist.  He committed suicide in jail in 2005.
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