Bucknaked in Public- City Jack 3 MP4 Format

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DescriptionThis BNIP film continues the BUCKNAKEDINPUBLIC mission
to have public mansex in the BIG CITY and beyond!  Check out activity
including your BNIP BUDS masturbating and sharing some oral action!
You'll see lots of wild solo, duo and group BNIP activity!
Your BNIP BUDS are exhibitionists, not professional actors.
This group of real men includes a wide variety of ages, body types
and penis sizes.  You'll find youthful dudes, slim and smooth,
bear types, hairy men, guy-next-door buddies, hot daddies,
husky lads, silver foxes, hungry bottoms and nasty tops!
Some of your BNIP BUDS also sport body piercings and tattoos.
One thing all of our BUDS have in common, they're showing off
for you to watch and they are all very BUCKNAKEDINPUBLIC!
CITY JACK 3 features several hot BNIP sex scenes including:

BNIP BUD PHILIP is out walking a well known
"cruisy area" and stops for a break on an infamous set
of large public steps.  Shirtless on a bench, we get to watch
our BUD pull out his pierced meat and work his hard pole.
Once PHILIP discovers he's being watched by other men
cruising on the elaborate stairs, he gets really hot
and pumps a juicy load for us all to see!
(1 BNIP BUD, 1 cum shot, 5 minutes, Risk Factor 8*).

HOT JOHN gets naked on the roof of a downtown hotel,
which is in view of several surrounding high-rise buildings.
Our BNIP BUD jacks his ample bone wearing nothing
but his boots until he spurts a load on the rooftop.
(1 BNIP BUD, 1 cum shot, 5 minutes, Risk Factor 9*)

in their rental car, parked in a busy lot at a coastal cruising
spot.  Our two BUDS take turns jacking off both inside
and outside of the vehicle.  Nevermind that there are other
people walking through the lot, cars and trucks passing
on the highway or the guy in the truck next to them who
comes back to his vehicle and then watches the show.
NAKED PHIL splooges in the backseat while JB gets out
and stands in the lot next to the car and jacks off in front of
a surfer changing clothes and a stranger who stops to watch!
(2 BNIP BUDS, 2 cum shots, 5 minutes, Risk Factor 8*)

BNIP Founder MITCH HIGHTOWER braves nighttime
cold temperatures and whacks off on the front porch of
a CASTRO area Victorian wearing only a leather jacket.
Passing cars, taxi cabs and numerous pedestrians witness
the late-night porch show! Once the local bus passes on
the corner filled with passengers, MITCH spurts a big load
and then licks the sticky splooge off his hand!
(1 BNIP BUD, 1 cum shot, 5 minutes, Risk Factor 7*)

Out for a drive with the top down on a busy coastal highway
along with 3 other BNIP BUDS, PHILIP is riding in the back
seat totally naked!  Our BUD gets boned up and whacks his
tool while the car races down the freeway at 50mph!
(1 BNIP BUD, 1 cum shot, 4 minutes, Risk Factor 8*)

BNIP PARTNER NAKED PHIL snaps pictures of our BUDS
JAN, ROBERT and ALAN MICHAELS.  They are all taking
turns posing naked on a fire escape, which is suspended above
a heavily traveled downtown street.  ROBERT and NAKED
PHIL wave to motorists in passing cars; meanwhile JAN and
ALAN get busy with a jackfest, and then some serious group
cocksucking.  In front of everyone, ALAN blows a big load!
(4 BNIP BUDS, 1 cum shot, 4 minutes, Risk Factor 8*).

HARRY begins his adventure at a freeway construction site
and then proceeds to an adjacent industrial alley and
warehouse back lot.  Stripping totally naked, (yes, he takes
off his pants, boots, socks, everything!), HARRY works his
bone until he sprays a huge load all over the warehouse steps!
(1 BNIP BUD, 1 cum shot, 6 minutes, Risk Factor 8*).

BNIP BUD TODD strips on the football field of a local
sports facility and does cartwheels naked, then spends a few
minutes playing with his hot meat!  TODD gets dressed again
and proceeds to an area popular with skateboarders and
rollerbladers. TODD skates through the plaza while striping
off his shirt.  It's not long before TODD then pulls down
his pants and whacks-off still wearing his rollerblades!
Later joined by MITCH HIGHTOWER, our BUD TODD gets
a killer blow-job and then a mutual jack-off session in the
sun ensues.  MITCH pops a load and then our hottie TODD,
wearing only socks, keeps on stroking.  The scene continues
with TODD wanking and ultimately splooging.  Finally the
BNIP adventure concludes with TODD rollerblading wearing
no clothes at all, when he is promptly busted by the COPS
for skating bucknaked!  (No arrests were made.  Whew!)
(2 BNIP BUDS, 2 cum shots, 17 minutes, Risk Factor 10*).

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