♺ Fight Place - Free Fight #1 (Leo v Jeff)

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Original upload: 2014-03-29 |
In these fights everything should be allowed, in particular punching and kicks. Leo and Jeff make the debut into this special combat style. The two young men have fought each other for a long time in their private circle and Jeff eventually came up with the idea of challenging Leo to a Free Fight - man against man – for Fightplace. After a lot of consideration we were persuaded and agreed to his wish. We have full head and mouth protection and professional boxing gloves. We also decided that another member of the group must be present during the fight in case it degenerates. For this first fight in the series Gustel ensures order in the ring. Right at the start of the fight you can see the enormous effort put in by the fighters and the strain on them. It is of course a lot more than just wrestling and the whole film is a great mix of boxing, kickboxing and submission. After some time it turns out that Leo is boss in the ring and the fight becomes more like "Punishment Wrestling" - a kind of punishment workover where Jeff has to admit defeat. Jeff is tied up and Leo has some fun with him. In a barely 50 minute Fightplace Free Fight Debut you can enjoy a lot of hot and sweat body against body hard action and combat scenes!
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