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MMB - Elder Roberts & Patriarch Smith - Disciplinary Action Part 1

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DescriptionElder Roberts has been in the mission field a while now. About a year into his mission he was called as a branch president in a new city. Being isolated from the rest of the mission had advantages. Things were a little more relaxed under his leadership. He worked hard, but always made sure to organize activities that would build camaraderie among the missionaries. And when possible, he also found the time to fool around with other the Mormon boys serving alongside him. Elder Roberts is a man of few words who has a hot body, a square jaw, a dick thatÂ’s always hard and a love of mischief that has made him popular with the other missionariesÂ…but also attracted the attention of his priesthood leaders.

Unsurprisingly, has been summoned back to the mission home by the mission president. Patriarch Smith is waiting for him and without a doubt he has been looking forward to this part of the boyÂ’s repentance process. Boys will be boys and elders are always breaking the rules, which means that the patriarch has plenty of opportunity to discipline their hard young naked Mormon bodies.

“Elder Roberts,” he says sternly, “you’re here for your disciplinary action.”

Elder Roberts mumbles “I know” without looking up. Now that he has been caught breaking the law of chastity, he’s embarrassed and he’s afraid of the consequences. But he can’t help but be turned on by the handsome older man, and even by the unknown punishment that awaits him.

The patriarch makes the boy stand, and then he unbuttons his shirt and lifts up his sacred underwear, reading a rock hard belly with just a bit of body hair. Patriarch Smith roughly pinches the boysÂ’ nipples, long and hard, and then slaps them with both hands.
Elder Roberts whimpers and shies away from the sharp, sudden pain. He doesnÂ’t object as the strong older man unbuttons his pants and yanks hard on his dick. Nor does he resist when the patriarch pulls his head back and rests on his shoulder, keeping it in the uncomfortable position with one hand. Elder Roberts knows this is supposed to be a punishment for his transgressions, but the rough treatment is making him hard, and he wouldnÂ’t trade it for anything in the world.

Patriarch Smith toys with the boyÂ’s big, hard dick through his garments. He feels the head of his dick, which is sticky with pre-cum. Then he strips the boy completely naked. Standing there nude while his priesthood leader is fully dressed in suit and tie make the boy feel completely exposed, vulnerable, and really turned on. Does the older man like his bulging dick? And his hard body?

The patriarch doesnÂ’t tell the boy, but he does love his hard body and dick. His own dick is hard from touching the boy. But itÂ’s his ass that the older man wants. He sits down and bends the muscular jock over his knees. He runs a hand over the elderÂ’s smooth hard back, and then plays with his big, hairy nuts. He slides a finger along the boyÂ’s fuzzy crack, spreading the cheeks to get a good look at his tight hole. As he runs a finger around it, it puckers.

Then comes the punishment. The patriarch slaps the boyÂ’s butt, not too hard, and watches his face to see the reaction. The boy clenches his butt and grimaces, but the pain makes his balls ache to cum. The man winds up and hits him again harder, and this time the boy canÂ’t stop the moan that follows. As Patriarch Smith spanks him over and over again, the blows getting sharper and louder, the boy writhes on his knee. HeÂ’s determined to take it all and not to cry out, but his red ass is feeling more and more sensitive to each spanking. And every time the patriarch pauses to play with his tight hole, Elder Roberts imagines the older manÂ’s thick cock forcing its way in and fucking him sillyÂ…

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